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tv   Today  NBC  July 6, 2011 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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defendant not guilty. >> good morning. bombshell verdict. casey anthony acquitted of killing her daughter caylee. a stunning defeat for prosecutors, a major victory for the defense. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. >> americans nationwide shocked byhe verdict in a case that became a national obsession. >> if you're young and cute in america, you can get away with murder. >> and while the defense is celebrating and casey anthony could soon walk free, many are asking where's the justice for caylee today? asking where's the justice for caylee today? wednesday, july 6th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. casey anthony not guilty on all charges related to the death of her daughter, but she was found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators. i'm not sure what was more surprising, the verdict of how fast it came, matt. >> it took less than 11 hours to reach what's being called the most controversial verdict since the o.j. simpson trial. anthony offered a brief smile, then she burst into tears. the prosecution standing in disbelief. looking back, is there anything they would have done differently? well, just ahead we'll talk exclusively to jeff ashton. he is one of the lead prosecutors in this case. also this morning we'll be speaking to an alternate juror. he was not in the deliberation room but he did listen to every
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bit of the testimony and he feels his fellow jurors got it right. meanwhile, casey's parents released a statement saying that while they believe their daughter's defense was baseless, that's their word, they felt the jury's decision was fair. so how do they move forward from here? will they have a future and a relationship with their daughter? we'll talk about that with george and cindy anthony's attorney. let's get right to that dra mattie day in court. kerry sanders has been covering this case for three years. this morning he's in the orange county jail, at the orange county jail. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. this morning casey anthony is waking up in the same solitary jail cell here that she's occupied for almost three years. and today could well be the last day and night she spends in this jail. that's because in this 36-day trial it took the jury less than 11 hours to acquit her on all felony counts.
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casey anton any walked into the courtroom and waited in excruciating 13 1/2 minutes before the judge said -- >> would the defendant rise along with counsel? >> reporter: casey's father george sat in the back of the room, hands in prayer, as the 25-year-old accused murderer, her face ashen white, listened to the clerk read each count. >> as to the charge of first degree murder, verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: there was a stunned silence in the courtroom as the clerk read the other felony charges, aggravated child abuse, manslaughter of a child. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we all. >> reporter: casey anthony took a deep breath and then began to cry. for the next minute and a half through a blur of multiple guilty verdicts on four misdemeanor counts, casey appeared to process what she had just heard. when it was over, first she held hands with her legal team, as her parents slipped out of the courtroom.
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then still crying, she hugged lead attorney jose baez, then overcome with emotion, she hugged attorney dorothy clay simms, lead prosecutor jesh ashton who put off his retirement to spend almost three years of his life on this case, sat shaking his head, as casey's legal team huddled around her in a group hug. outside the courtroom, tears, one woman fainted. >> justice for caylee! >> reporter: dozens chanted in anger. this from a community that tuned in and followed every moment of the trial. >> appeals. >> no justice. >> reporter: detense attorney jose baez said 2-year-old caylee should not be forgotten in this acquittal. >> there are no winners in this case. caylee has passed on far, far too soon. casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. >> reporter: had casey been convicted of murder, she could have faced the death penalty.
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>> the best feeling that i have today is that i know i can go home and my daughter will ask me, what did you do today? and i can say, i saved a life. >> reporter: afterwards, casey anthony's legal team gathered at a local bar to celebrate their courtroom victory. many legal experts had commented repeatedly on the case, and veteran defense lawyer cheney mason showed he had no love loss for them. >> i hope that this is a lesson to those of you having indulged in media assassination for three years, bias and prejudice and incompetent talking heads of saying what would be and had to be, i'm disgusted by some of the lawyers who had done this. >> reporter: seats were set up for the jury to talk but -- >> the 12 jurors have declined to talk. >> reporter: casey's parents, cindy and george made no comment. >> right now get out of my way. >> reporter: but their attorney issued a statement that read in part, while the family may never
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know what has happened to caylee marie anthony, they now have closure for this chapter of their life. case say anthony will be back in court tomorrow to be sentenced for lying to law enforcement. now, the judge could sentence casey to four years on those misdemeanor charges, but with the time she's already served here it's possible she could walk free. what will she do? well, she may have revealed that in a jailhouse letter revealed about a year ago here. in that letter she said when she's free she planned to get pregnant and have another baby. matt? >> kerry sanders in orlando where he has been covering this trial, as we mentioned, for about three years of this case for three years. thank you. russell was one of five alternate jurors. he was not in the deliberation room but he did hear all the evidence in the case. russell, good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> you think the jurors got it right. why? >> i definitely agree that they
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did get it right. i support that decision whole heartedly. there were three reasons that i felt that she was not guilty. the first was the prosecution didn't present, you know, the evidence that would have sustained either a murder charge or a manslaughter charge. secondly, they didn't show the motive behind the case. we and i kept waiting, you know, to see what was the motive. just because casey was a party girl did not show, you know the grandparents when she wanted to go out. and then thirdly, the prosecution or no one could show us how did caylee actually pass away. >> you know, i've got jeff ashton right in front of me here. we're going to talk to him next. he's listening to what you're
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saying, russell. i mean, did they come close to proving this case? is this a matter of reasonable doubt, being the deciding factor in your mind, or do you think she was innocent? >> definitely reasonable doubt. for myself. they just -- i don't think the prosecution was able to show how she died, what was the motive -- what was the motivation. >> right. >> and when they explained it, the onreasonable doubt, i had reasonable doubt. >> she was convicted of four misdemeanor charges of lying to investigators and the police. i'm just curious in your own mind, how do you square this idea that here is a woman whose daughter is missing and she doesn't report it for over a month, then she goes out partying, then she lied to investigators about what happened to her daughter. how do you then connect the dots and answer the question, why would a young mother have done
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those things? >> well, that's the $64,000 question. but what you have to also remember with casey is the lies just didn't start with the death of caylee. these lies have been going on for two years previously. and so i think it was just the way this family operated. how i personally think the family was dysfunctional. that was the way she had always acted and had continued, you know, with the lies. >> let me just end on a very basic, may be a difficult question, though. in your opinion did casey anthony get away with murder? >> no, she did not get away with murder. >> russell huekler, thank you for your time this morning. >> real quick i'd like to say that the orange county police department -- orange county sheriff's department and judge perry did a wonderful job and with us being sequestered for so
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many days. hat should be tipped to them. >> jeff ashton was a lead prosecutor in this case. he is with us exclusively. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. before i get to what mr. huekler just said, when you got notification that the jury had reached a verdict after 11 hours of deliberation, what was your confidence level? >> we were feeling pretty good. we felt like we presented a really strong case. you know, we really didn't think that a not guilty verdict in that short a time was realistic. but, you know, that's the jury system. >> here's this piece of videotape, jeff. i'm watching you in the court, sitting at that table. and you're leaning back and your head is shaking. and it's stunned, disbelief? take me through the moment, what were your thoughts? >> i think i mouthed the word wow about five times. i was -- we were all that shocked. i mean, you pour three years of your life into a case. as a prosecutor, you know, you
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don't take a case unless you believe in it. we have great respect for the jury system, the rule of law, and you can't do what we do and not respect the jury's verdicts. but, you know, it was not easy to hear, but we know we did a good job. we accept what happened. >> i was also watching your face just a moment ago when russell was speaking. he was laying out the reasons why he would have favored this verdict on the part of the jury, saying i didn't get a cause of death, i didn't get a motive, nothing that got me to the point beyond reasonable doubt. how do you react to that? >> you know, our thought on it had always been that if anybody could look at the photographs of how caylee was found and not conclu how she died from that, then so be it. we felt that the manner in which her body was found, the odor in the car, all of those things. >> there was no definitive expert who walked in the room
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and said, here is the cause of death. there was also no key witness who walked in and said i saw that woman and pointed at casey anthony, i saw that woman kill her daughter. >> absolutely. >> in a death penalty case, don't you need that? >> not necessarily. i mean, i've prosecuted probably 80 murder cases in my career and probably a couple of dozen death penalty cases and they're frequently circumstantial. there's rarely a witness. now, usually you do have a more definitive cause of death. that's absolutely right. but this was a case where we honestly felt that the evidence was such that if the jury saw what we saw that it was a kind of case that they needed to decide, penalty, so we felt good about it. >> did you also expect the jury -- this is the question i asked russell. wait a minute, the mother didn't report this for over 30 years. she went out partying. she lied to investigators. she must have had a reason to
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lie. did you expect them to connect the dots? >> we did. we felt that was one of the strongest pieces of evidence that we had in the case, was that her actions, we felt, and obviously the jury didn't agree and we respect their opinion, was just so completely inconsistent with any kind of accidental explanation for the death. so a couple of things about jose baez, the defense attorney. there was tension, there's no question, in this courtroom between you and him. >> oh, yes. >> what did he do well? >> i thought that he did cross-examination well. i thought he did -- he presented himself very well. you know, jose is a relatively young lawyer in terms of his years of experience. i think he's got great potential to be a great lawyer. but i thought he presented himself very, very well. >> in his opening statement he made some dramatic accusations saying this was an accidental death, that caylee died, drowned in the swimming pool, that george anthony helped cover it up, that george molested casey
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from a young age. he then presented not one shred of evidence to back up any of those claims. did he act ethically? >> i think he -- he -- i don't want to say because i don't know what he expected to be able to prove at trial. >> should the judge have allowed it to happen that way? >> yes. >> did he have any choice? >> no, the judge had no choice. for all we know, you know, casey's testimony was part of the blan and splan and she chan mind. we don't know. those communications with private to them. i assumed that he said that because he honestly believed he could prove it and something changed and it wasn't presented. >> if i were to look at you in the face right now and say did caylee anthony die accidentally in the family swimming pool, would you say? >> i cannot believe that's what happened. but again, beyond a reasonable doubt is a high standard. you know, the jurors may have thought, as i do, but beyond a
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reasonable doubt is a high standard. i respect the fact that they, you know, applied the law to the case as they saw it. >> two quick things. cindy anthony took the witness stand and said things that now appear to be untrue. >> yes. >> you are leaving your post, but do you think there will be legal action taken against cindy anthony for perjurying herself on the witness stand? >> i think there could be. that will be a decision made by another branch of our office. >> would you pursue the case if you were staying in office? >> i don't -- i honestly don't know. that would be a very, very difficult decision to make. as a prosecutor, i've been a prosecutor for 30 years, i hate to say this, but you're somewhat accustomed to family members trying to help their fellow family members. so you're kind of used to that. this, of course, was a rather
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important, you know, deception, if you will, that obviously was proven to be so by the other evidence. what they do with it is going to be a difficult decision that i'm glad i don't have to make. >> briefly i mentioned you're leaving your post. this was planned. you delayed retirement to fatak on this case. this is not the way you wanted it to end. will this always be the one that got away? >> no, no. i've actually had cases that i will be more upset about about people getting away than this one. i mean, this was a great case for me to end my career as a prosecutor with because it was so fascinating and so varied and so complex. i mean, it was a prosecutor's dream in terms of presenting it. so you know, no regrets on any of that. >> do you think we'll ever know what happened to caylee anthony? >> no, we never will. we never will, because even if casey got out of jail and wrote a book and said it, i don't know
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that any of us would really know if we could believe it or not. >> jeff ashton, thank you for honoring your commitment and being here this morning. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> good luck. 16 minutes after the hour. the other top stories of the hour now with natalie. >> good morning, everyone. president obama is calling congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle to the white house thursday to try to hammer out a long-term deal to raise the government's debt limit. meantime, the president takes to twitter today for a first town hall meeting on jobs and the economy on twitter. tensions are high in montana again today as governor brian schweitzer disputed exxonmobil's estimate that an oil spill there has stretched across only 25 miles of the yellowstone river. a surging current on that river is now hammering clean-up efforts and could now spread leaked oil into an even wider damage zone today. now let's head to wall street checking in once again with cnbc's courtney reagan at the new york stock exchange.
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what are you watching? >> good morning. moody's downgrade portugal's rating to junk status as the rating agency. increased risk that portugal could default to payment on bondholders. this further ignites worries that trouble in the euro zone is far from over. media industry titans gather in sun valley, idaho, for the annual conference and facebook is expected to make an announcement this afternoon that many belief could involve microsoft skype and a possible video chat service. natalie? >> we're all on pins and needles to find out what that's all about. thanks so much, courtney reagan at the new york stock exchange. accused mobster james whitey boulder heads to court in boston today to enter a plea on 19 murder charges after escaping prosecution for 16 years. he was captured last month in california. germany, france, and south korea face off today in a bid to host the 2018 winter olympics. the winner will be announced
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sometime after 11:00 a.m. eastern time today. take a look at these unbelievable images of mother nature's power over arizona. this massive 50-mile wide dust storm plowed through the phoenix area on tuesday. strong wind gusts toppled trees and knocked out power for thousands of residents. that is an unbelievable site there. it's now 7:19. you're update to date. let's turn it over to you. >> that's what it looks like in my kids' rooms sometimes. natalie, thank you. maria is here filling in while al is off. nice to see you. >> nice to see you as well. the heat is going to be back on across the i-95 corridor. 90 frz boston to new york through d.c. and an occasio occ shower or thunderstorm as well. a few spots we could see stronger ones including new england, mid-atlantic and northern plains. sizzle in the southern plains. lovely in the pacific northwest. >> good morning, mostly cloudy
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now, sunlight getting through and radar picking up light showers, northern culpepper, drifting into fauquier county in eastern warren, and may make it into our western suburbs in another couple of hours. today sun in and out, highs into the low 90s, and afternoon and evening thunderstorms are possible. slight risk severe in virginia. tomorrow looks like we have a greater chance of afternoon ann, back to you. >> thanks. coming up moerks on the casey anthony verdict. we'll have the analysis from our team of legal experts. but first, this is "today" on nbc. and this is my cvs. we look out for patients by offering care 1 on 1.
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coming up, casey anthony's former fiance speekts out about the not guilty verdict in an exclusive interview. and we'll lighten things up this morning and get the latest on william and catherine's latest tour in california.
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good morning. it's 7:26 on this wednesday, 6th of july. i'm joe krebs. in the news4 today a grand jury set to hear evidence about possible new charges against a bus driver behind the wheel in that deadly crash on i-95 near king's dominion. the 37-year-old charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of four passengers. investigators discovered he fell asleep at the wheel, causing the crash in may. his wife said he told the company he was too tired to drive but drove anyway because he feared for his job. each count
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good morning. a hazy and humid day on the way, highs near 90. might get a morning show or afternoon and early evening thunderstorm. afternoon storms tomorrow, hot and humid. warm and humid on friday, maybe a passing shower or storm.
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how's traffic? >> slow out of the outer beltway here new hampshire. you're slow from the times plant to bladonsburg. back to you, joe. >> thanks. we'll have
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7:30 now on this wednesday morning, july 6th, 2011. at gorgeous morning. we have a big crowd spending it with us on the plaza. stepping outside to say hello in a little bit. in the meantime, inside studio 1a, i'm ann curry alongside mt. just ahead, the nation's reaction from casey anthony not guilty verdict. for many, it was a collective gasp of surprise. we'll show you how it's being received coast to coast, and a breakdown of order t. verdict with our team of legal experts. and casey anthony's ex-fiance who testified at this
7:31 am
trial will share his reaction in an exclusive live interview. also this morning, after everything that was said during the investigation and trial, all the accusations and finger pointing, where does the anthony family going to go from here? but, let's begin this half hour with how the not guilty verdict is playing out across the country. nbc's jeff rossen is outside our studio with that part of the story. >> good morning to you. i've been out here talking to a lot of people about where they were when the verdict came in. some people on the plaza told me they were on a train and watched on their mobile phones. others stopped their vacations in their tracks and stayed in their hotel rooms to watch it live. i was in an airport and people were literally glued to the television set. when you heard the words not guilty you heard screams, tears, gasps. not since o.j. simpson has reaction been so powerful. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: in orlando, it's personal.
7:32 am
>> all that evidence led to that girl doing this. >> who cares for that baby? >> orange county, florida -- >> reporter: as the jury passed judgment -- >> as to the charge of first degree murder, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: as casey anthony wiped tears of joy, americans passed judgment, too. many of them mothers. >> that little girl's life. >> she's absolutely guilty. >> as to the charge of aggravated -- >> reporter: millions watched the verdict live all over cable tv. they watched on airplanes with ipads, even at the scene where caylee's body was discovered. across the country, offices came to a stand still. and at home, quick reaction posted on youtube. >> how is that possible? >> she's going to walk. >> reporter: what began is that missing toddler case in florida quickly morphed into a national
7:33 am
obsession. >> we don't really feel like we got any answers. so it's unresolved. and what happens with things that are unresolves? we need to continue having a conversation about it. >> reporter: and we are. within seconds the verdict went viral. on twitter, celebrities went off. if the courts don't believe she is guilty, then who do they think killed this little baby, tweeted kim kardashian. sharon osbourne called it a disgray. and ashton kutcher tweeted, o.j. simp on the finds this verdict outrageous. >> i don't understand how 12 people could let her get away with murder. >> reporter: despite the public outpouring of outrage, not everyone is upset. some say the jury got it right. >> people don't make accidents look like murder. >> reporter: the prosecutors just didn't prove their case. >> they just must not have been enough hard factual evidence. >> you have to have the evidence to make a conviction. >> reporter: whether you agree or not, there is one undisputed
7:34 am
truth, a beautiful 2-year-old girl is gone, and we don't know why. now comes the next conversation, what is next for casey antony? will she walk out of court? and if so, ann, what kind of life will she possibly live? >> that's a good question. here to make sense of the vurd, linda kenny baden, "headline news" contributor and star jones is a former prosecutor and veteran legal commentator, and savannah guthrie, "today's" legal correspondent. lar san lamar said this was a dry bones case. very, very difficult to prove. was this a failure by the prosecution or a weak case? >> both. the prosecution never had cause of death. they never proved this was a murder. they relied on, what jose said in court, fantasy forensics, a heart-shaped sticker that was
7:35 am
never there. it was outrageous to go after the death penalty in a case like this. it was clear the jury understood that. >> you did the forensics so you obviously have much more expertise on what the forensics actually showed and she can't even share all of it with us although we've been trying to get it out of her all morning. i can tell you from a prosecutor's perspective they did the best job they could with the evidence that they had. >> so was originally then you're saying you're acknowledging that they didn't have enough to work with, savannah? >> yes, excellent prosecutors. tried a very streamline, tight case. they're only as good as the evidence they have. what's fascinating here is, and we've only heard from the one alternate juror we spoke to, this may be a case not only where the jurors have reasonable doubt, that's for sure, but they found some of the commentary, i'm starting to wonder whether they actually believe casey anthony is innocent, if they buy the defense theory that the baby died in the pool. >> she drowned in the swimming
7:36 am
pool. i mean, i think the jurors haven't spoken and we should embrace their verdict. when we talk about using fantasy forensics and someone like dr. vass who has never testified in the united states before, you're pitting this type of people against the defense experts. >> you're also saying that there was an effort or there's a sense that you think the jurors had that they were not getting the full picture. the prosecution was trying to pull something over their eyes. >> absolutely. they kept saying the duct tape was the murder weapon, the duct tape was the murder weapon. then they didn't bring roy kronk to the scene and turns out he moved the body. he picked up the bag and things shifted around. the prosecution also introduced 84 chloroform searches which turned out not to be true. i think they lost their credibility. >> so is then jose baez, was he underestimated? because i know a lot of you talking about this being his first case, underestimated? >> as linda and i were talking
7:37 am
about it, he kicked somebody's butt yesterday, didn't he? he ended up getting the needle out of the arm of every expert i've talked to who said the case was strong forensically. >> he did a competent job. the results speak for themselves. on the other hand, he was a beneficiary of these various gaps in evidence. >> 31-day. the prosecution is stuck with the evidence that happened after not being able to get to this baby for 31 days. that was on your client. period. >> but they still had to prove a case and they chose to go about it this way. death penalty murder case. she's not ted bundy. she's not osama bin laden. >> there's a big disconnect because what you're saying essentially is the prosecution didn't have everything it needed to work with to get this verdict, and yet the people who are watching on the outside are so stunned by this verdict. what explains this disconnect? >> i think what explains the disckoconnect is the difference
7:38 am
between chatting about a case at your kitchen table, gosh, she must have done something, her behavior is ter establish suspicious. star and i agree, it is. and having the elements of a crime before you sitting in a jury holding someone's life or death in your hands, and the jurors, when they go back there and they've got the jury instructions about reasonable doubt, that's a concept they take very seriously. >> the difference between disappointment is not in what you get but what you expect to get. and when we as pundits in some of the cable channels give you an expectation of what's going to happen in a courtroom when you don't have the same amount of evidence in front of you that the jury does, you have analysis, you expect to get something different. >> short of someone confessing, is there any justice for caylee that you can see coming. >> there has to be a murder. there may be justice for caylee
7:39 am
that her mother wasn't convicted for murder when there wasn't a murder. this young woman, you look at those pictures. she loved that child. yes, she should have acted differently. >> the crime might have been a cover up and not murder. >> the baby should not have ended up in a swamp. i don't care who killed her. i don't care if she died by accident, in a swimming pool or tripped down the stairs. the baby deserved better than to end up in a swamp. >> mean tile, as jurorses, obviously not speaking except for the one alternate juror. i believe that's the only one speaking so far. you're concerned about their safety? >> absolutely. i hope they stay secluded. why they thought what they thought, i'm concerned about this. when you have celebrities like ashton kutcher and sharon osbourne talking about this was a disgrace, they weren't in that courtroom. >> i can see why jurors don't want to talk and want to keep their private lives private because the atmosphere right now
7:40 am
is so heated, it's so ov overcharged. after you're questioned about justice. i heard a judge says the justice is done when the system works, when there is a fair process. i think we can all agree the trial was a fair process. >> absolutely. >> we're going to leave it, i. a su tu so much. now let's get a check of the weather from maria la rosa who is in for al. >> narrator: today's weather is brought to you by certified service, expert service right at your chevrolet, buick, gmc, and cadillac dealer. good morning. he's still a big story across much of the co the country. dominant high pressure, that summer ridge will continue as long as it stays there. the forecast again, temperatures over 100 degrees across the southern plains. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's what you can expect. >> hazy and humid, morning thunder and rain in rappahannock county, coming into central fauquier county and tending to
7:41 am
break down. later today, sunshine in and out. and highs reaching the low 90s. and then a chance of scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms, slight risk severe south of washington. then on thursday, partly sunny, hot, humid up into the low 90s. scattered afternoon and evening storms possible. ann, back to you. >> all right, maria, thank you. coming up next, how does the anthony family move forward in the wake of such a painful trial? plus, casey ananthony's fiance speaks out in an exclusive live interview right after this.
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we're back now at 7:43. parents released a statement last night expressing their wish toes move forward and rebuild their lives. but how will they be able to do that? nbc is in orlando. lily, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, matt. key testimony in the case came from casey anthony's family, her mother, father, and brother lee. trying to turn themselves against each other and against casey. it all led to a family torn apart. for weeks, casey anthony has been at the center of an emotional trial that also focused attention on the turmoil within her troubled family. father george, mother cindy, and brother lee. a family hunted by the death of caylee, casey's daughter. from day one casey anthony's
7:45 am
lawyers tried to build a defense around a shattered family, claiming she was molested by her father. >> it all began when casey was 8 years old and her father came into her room and began to touch her inappropriately. >> her father denied the accusation, which the judge said was never proven by the evidence. during another round of questioning, george broke down on the stand. >> it's hard to get through this. >> reporter: his daughter held an icy stare as he testified. >> casey was the last one that i saw with caylee. one and one adds up to two, sir, in my mind. >> reporter: george anthony also told the court about his own suicide attempt. >> you even left a suicide note. >> yes, sir, i did. >> reporter: casey's lawyers put her brother lee on the stand, a apparent effort to strengthen their picture of a dysfunctional family. lee testified when his sister gave birth he was cut off from the celebration. >> i was very, very -- at my mom
7:46 am
and i was also angry at my sister. i mean, i was just angry at everyone in general. >> reporter: some of the most emotional testimony came from casey anthony's mother cindy, caylee's grandmother, in tears as she listened do her own haunting words on the 911 call she made to police when caylee first went missing. >> my granddaughter has been taken. she has been missing for a month. >> reporter: again and again she cried through her testimony. >> can i have a break, sir? >> reporter: so how does this family divided move on? >> there's a tremendous amount of family pain, a lot of accusations. some that were probably surprising to some of the family members in general. however, they are not things that are easily gotten over because at the end of the day no matter how they all feel, that child is gone. >> reporter: shortly after the verdict, the family released a statement saying, while the family may never know what happened to caylee marie anthony, they now have closure
7:47 am
for this chapter of their life. despite the baseless defense chosen by casey anthony, the family believes that the jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented. before her arrest casey anthony lived with her parents and no word yet on where she'll live when she walks out of jail now. >> one of the big questions. lilia in orlando for us this rn morning. thank you. jesse grund who was once engaged to casey anthony testified at her trial. he's with us exclusively along with her bodyguard. good morning to both of you. jesse, let me start with you. just your reaction to the verdict. what was your response? >> i was angry and shocked by the verdict. it's obvious from the evidence that was presented that casey was the last person to see caylee alive and her body was dumped in the woods. by saying -- >> tracy? >> i was also shocked. i couldn't believe it. >> you said you actually got
7:48 am
ill. >> i felt sick to my stomach all day yesterday. >> jesse, i know you feel one of the mistakes that the prosecution made in this case was to try to present the anthony family as a cohesive, loving group. why is that? >> because the fact is, matt, they are not a cohesive loving group. that family was a carnival of dysfunctionality. most families in america are dysfunctional and have their problems. theirs was worse. all it took was a defense to show a little bit of how dysfunctional they were to start poking holes in the prosecution's case. >> you feel that george and cindy anthony, while on the stand, hurt the prosecution? >> absolutely. cindy's example of lying, as i've always said, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. casey had to learn her behavior from somewhere. presented a picture of that family, the same picture that the defense was trying to
7:49 am
present. >> and so, tracy, where does this family go now? we have a mother and father apparently on one side, although there may be some fractures between them as well. you've got a daughter and a brother perhaps on the other side. where does this family go, in your opinion? >> i think what happened is i think casey will end up going home. i don't know if george will stay there. i think cindy will have casey home. it's hard to quit loving your daughter but i think cindy wants to get to the bottom of this and she won't care if it takes ten day or ten years. >> you envision a time where casey anthony goes back and lives with her mother again after this trial. >> yes, i do. >> you think the father becomes estranged from the family? >> i would think so. i would actually hope so. i can't see george staying in the situation. >> jesse, give me your take on this. look into your crystal ball. what do you see happening with this family over the coming weeks and months? >> there's no way casey goes back to that household. cindy and casey have had an adversarial relationship the
7:50 am
entire time she has been alive. being part of the family the way i was, there is no way casey goes back to that home. there's no way they have any semblance of a normal family life. right now she has everything she ever wanted. sles going to have money. she's going to have people at her doorstep asking for her, wanting her. she's going to have that partying lifestyle that she so craved. >> i don't know when the last time was that you spoke with casey, jesse, but first of all, when was it and what would you say to her if you could talk to her this morning? >> the last time i talked to casey was when she showed up at my house to take a shower because she didn't have a shower available for her to use. what i would i say if i saw her today? i would tell her that she needs to repentd because at the end of the day she is going to have to answer to why caylee isn't on this earth anymore. >> jesse grund and tracy mclaughlin, my thanks to both of you. appreciate it very much. >> matt, thank you. can i take a second to thank a
7:51 am
lot of the people out there who supported me, friends and family. i haven't always been the easiest to deal with during this time. but i appreciate all the love and support everyone has poured out to me through this. >> jesse, thank you very much. just ahead, we'll change things up considerably. william and kcatherine's trip across north america. our own peter alexandra gets up and close and personal. [ dramatic soundtrack plays ] whoa! man: what is that? i don't know, but it burns! it's like fire. woman: ow, ow! i can't see. man: it's singeing me! it's the sun. get out of the office more often with chili's $6 lunch break combos. pair a texas toast half sandwich with fries and super salad every weekday. ♪ chili's lunch break combos ♪
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7:56 am
good morning. a time right now 7:56. it's wednesday, the 6th day of july. in the news4 today, metro trying to help ease the traffic problems expected in northern virginia. tomorrow, metro will propose running express bus service to the marc center in fairfax county. one line run from the pentagon to the marc center, another from the station to ft. bell var because of the recommendation. the dalai lama is in d.c. to lead a buddhist ritual at the verizon center. more than 100,000 people expected to attend over the next ten days. we'll take a break.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. mostly cloudy, muggy. low and mid 70s. advancing showers, thunder out of rappahannock into couple pep somewhere advance to fauquier. may make it into prince william, fairfax, louden in the next half hour. sun out, afternoon storms. >> interloop of the beltway in virginia slow from 9345 towards 66. i'll give you a live look at robinson terminal. you are jammed here. let's go to the outer loop of the beltway in maryland. stop and go for you from new hampshire avenue to georgia avenue. joe, back to you. >> back to "today" show.
8:00 am
8:00 now on a wednesday morning. it's 6th day of july, 2011. kind of a beautiful morning here in the northeast, although there's a caveat. it's going to be a little sticky here in new york later today. temperatures going up into the low 90s, but doesn't seem to bother these nice people on the plaza. we like it warm. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry on the plaza. coming up, more on the emotional response to this verdict in the casey anthony murder trial. >> tlarts.
8:01 am
we're going to ask why it captivated so many people across america, including and maybe even especially mothers. in fact, we're going to meet some mothers who followed the trial and one even flew to orlando just for the chance to be in the courtroom, matt. all right. also ahead. you may have heard, william and catherine with touring north america. have you heard about this? yeah. they are everywhere. they took a trip to the far northern reaches of canada. even added an unscheduled top to their tour before heading off soon to california. we're going to talk about that and catch up on their itinerary. and also this morning, we're going to catch up with a man who is a janitor who is also a winner of a multi-million dollar lottery. we're going to ask him why he decided to keep his day job as a janitor. >> a lot of people ask that, what would you do? meantime, let's go inside to natalie with the headlines. >> good morning to you again. lawyers for former international
8:02 am
monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn asked new york city prosecutors today to drop all charges against their client. they argue the hotel maid who claimed strauss-kahn sexual assaulted her isn't credible. she in turn is suing the new york post after it claims that she also works as a prostitute. meantime, in paris, a french author filed a criminal complaint tuesday against strauss-kahn, claiming he tried to rape her during a 2003 book interview. a pakistani panel is trying to prevent relatives of osama bin laden from leaving the country without its permission. the commission is investigating the u.s. raid that killed the al qaeda leader and heightened tensions between pakistan and the united states. jury selection begins today in federal court in washington, d.c. in the trial of pitching great roger clemens. he's accused of lying to congress in 2008 saying he never used performance enhancing drugs, including steroids, during his 23-season career.
8:03 am
a body found in an indianapolis creek is not missing indiana university student lauren spierer who disappeared last month. the county coroner says that while the body has yet to be identified, it is definitely not that of spierer. now here's brian williams with what's coming up tonight on nbc "nightly news." >> coming up tonight, with the shuttle program about to come to an end, guess who these are tough times for? john glenn, first american to orbit the earth. we spent some time with him. some tough talk with him about what this era means. that and more when we see you tonight. now for a look at what's trending today. a quick round-up of what has you talking online. web traffic surged tuesday as the casey anthony verdict was red. 2 million views her minute. meantime, on twitter, kim kardashian is defending her shocked tweet about anthony's acquittal. other twitter users shot back at
8:04 am
the reality tv star whose father was an toe attorney for o.j. simpson. she says she's allowed to have her own opinion. president obama hosts his first ever twitter town hall meeting today using the media service but not limited to 140 character responses, instead he will giver ball answe verbal ann front of the white house. facebook users are talking about this. a new york pet store says the adorable puppies in their window have proven too tempting for people leaving local bars, prompting booze-fueled purchases that quickly go bad. now they are not allowed to even to touch the pups and are told to come back the next day. let's go back outside to maria for another check of your weather.side to maria. >> good morning. our pick city today is on the west coast, we head to santa barbara, where is it going to be sunshine and we'll see
8:05 am
temperatures into the 80s. showers and thunderstorms across the central plains and also firing later this afternoon across the southeast. lig slight rick of severe weather through the mid-atlantic and central plains. here's what you can expect. >> getting showers, thunder 40 miles southwest of washington. coming out of culpepper, rappahannock county into, fauquier. and a little bit of thunder as well moving into spotsylvania and next half hour to hour. later today, sun, storms possible, as well as early evening. highs into the low 90s before then hot and humid into the weekend. could get more storms tomorrow afternoon and evening and off and on into friday and friday night. weekend looksyou. >> maria, thank you very much. when we come back, maternal instincts. why so many moms are having such a strong reaction to the verdict in the casey anthony trial. well get to that right after in the casey anthony trial. well get to that right after these messages. erest everythi.
8:06 am
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back now at 8:09 with more on the casey anthony verdict. the case attracted worldwide attention and perhaps no group was impacted more than mothers. many followed along with every detail of the trial. on tuesday some expressed their frustration that so many questions were still unanswered. >> it's a little girl's life. >> my daughter and caylee are the same age. >> i have three children. all that evidence led to that girl doing this.
8:10 am
i mean, the partying, everything. >> she's guilty. she's absolutely guilty. she's just proven that you can kill your child and get away with it. >> susan sheldon, a mother of three, flew to orlando from michigan to be inside the courtroom on monday. and melissa garcia has a young son and is standing outside the court when the verdict was read. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> susan, first of all, what about this case captivated you so much that you were willing to fly to orlando to be inside the courtroom? >> actually i was living in ocala at the time that it took place, and because it was local and it was a 2-year-old little girl that was missing at the time, that really is what drew me in. and as far as more intriguing part of it was that the mother didn't report it right away and the question was out there where
8:11 am
was she in finding her. >> and, melissa, you have a 4-year-old son. and you were also glued to this trial. would you say that you were as emotional as we just heard from the other mothers were? and why? >> i would say that this case definitely captured a very big piece of my heart because i have a 4-year-old. i couldn't imagine as a mother allowing this to happen and not searching for the truth, not -- i think that we all wanted the truth, and i think at the end we still don't have that.
8:12 am
>> melissa, in looking at the details, was it because of casey anthony's behavior that really shocked you the most? is that what really captivated you or was it the fact that this child was still missing? >> i think the fact that a mother -- a mother does anything ultimately to save their child, regardless of what happens to you, whether faking an accidental drowning. i mean, at that point, no one is thinking i'm going to go to jail. no one's thinking what's going to happen to me. they're thinking, save my child, please. and i think that's the hardest part of it, is to see that she went on about her life as carefree and -- a mother, a mother doesn't do that. >> thank you so much for joining
8:13 am
us this morning to give us your thoughts. so why are mothers so obsessed with this case? we got a little indication just now. we've also got lisa belkin, she writes with the "new york times," a blog called mother lode. and harriet cole is a contributor. good morning to you. i think we got some hints there. there was a kind of stunned, kind of reaction to -- that any mother could behave like this. >> it's the any mother. it's the it could be me. it's what would i do? mothers don't do that. i also think there's some of the dark side and the fear. i tweeted this morning, what should i say when i go on the "today" show? and i got many responses that said, it's the dark side. it's what we're all afraid of. so on the one hand you have fierce love for children and women who cannot possibly understand how a mother acts like that. on the other hand, you have the moments of rage in your own life or moments in which you wish you
8:14 am
hadn't gotten into this. is that that, those emotions gone out of control? >> it sounds like that you're kind of intimating is that we're able to compare ourselves against what we call a bad mother in some way we can feel better about our own mothering. >> it's interesting to me that obviously every mother has had a moment of, oh, my god, i didn't speak properly to my child, maybe i hit my child, you know, in an out of control moment. however, this is such an extreme, i think. we don't know what happened. i think we're outraged at the verdict. but even her behavior, certainly we're outraged by. when you have the blessing of a having a child, you also have the responsibility of caring for that child's life. it is our role to shepherd our children through the world. and she didn't do that. not only did she not do that, she hid something. when a child is gone, as star
8:15 am
jones said earlier, found in a swamp, if she died in a pool, why don't you honor that little angel's life and say, she died. >> but that, of course, is the main reason that people are so drawn to this is, look at that little girl. so that's number one. we have this -- it just brings out the instinct of every one who has loved a child. look at that child. >> you know, you talk about the dark side. it's just that, i think -- don't you think that some people are really just wondering how it is possible, how is it really even possible for someone to not call the police for 31 days? >> it's the question that comes up any time a parent is accused. >> we don't have an answer to that. >> accused of hurting a child. and this one we have no answer. >> it's a fear of denial. >> denial like that? that is some kind of mental disorder, i think. i don't know -- i'm not one --
8:16 am
i'm not a doctor. but how can you be in such denial that you had a child, a beautiful little child, and she represents the future, i think, for american. that's why we're so tied to it. that's why mothers, fathers, america is tied to it. here's this sweet little angel. and how could you be in denial? partying and all that is denial. she's still in denial. she got off because of something went wrong in the courtroom, but something went much more wrong in their family, in that home, in that life that if the child died by accident, why didn't they honor that child and say so. >> there was an interesting after the verdict was read, people took to social media and started facebooking and tweeting a lot about it. one very outspoken mother tweeted, let's all remember how much we with cared about this one little girl and try to help all little abused kids, even more now. >> yeah. >> interesting. >> this was the first trial of
8:17 am
the internet age. o.j. simpson was arguably the first celebrity trial of the television age. this was the first trial where everybody followed it in realtime all the time. and the result is universal grief. >> thank you so much. harriet, thank you so much for being here. and coming up next, we've got peter alexander on a different note talking about his brush with kate on her northern american tour. you gotta try honey bunches of oats with almonds!
8:18 am
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tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make today the day you talk to your rheumatologist. and ask how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. we're back now at 8:20 with the canadian leg of will and catherine's north american tour winding down. their stops had them closer to this royal couple. peter alexander is in yellowknife, canada. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. i did have a chance to speak personally to both william and kate yesterday. she spoke out about their upcoming trip to the united
8:21 am
states of america. they arrived in los angeles on friday. i think the pomp and pad pageantry of this tour, they explored the most remote parts of north america seeing them like you rarely think of royalty. they will never fly under the radar but tuesday afternoon they did escape the crowds, taking a float plane deep into canada's wilderness. they might be one of the world's most glamorous couples but the prince and his new bride got back to basics, paddling themselves across the scenic lake, dining off paper plates, and like any other campers, warming up with brand new sweatshirts, a gift from their canadian host. in fact, it was a day filled with many gifts, including moccasins and a hunting knife. their evening activity in a region where the sun never sets called off another memorable day for the future king and queen, who were sent serenaded by aborl
8:22 am
drummers. william has a show of respect, thanking their host in two aboriginal languages. so excited to be here. >> reporter: here in the northern birth place of hockey, canada's national sport, the duke and dutch chchess of cambr had a welcome. kate was given number one, her husband, number two. she dropped the first ceremonial ball while william put his hockey skills to the test. their reaction, priceless as the prince was shutout by 20-year-old calvin lomand. >> i'm speechless. >> you're still shaking. >> yeah. >> reporter: he wasn't the only one. >> it's very excited. >> reporter: mary lou murphy was in that crowd. she met charles and diana in 1993 and came back tuesday to meet will and kate. >> i feel like a kid. >> reporter: while admirers
8:23 am
turned out to see the royals in ottawa last week the remote intimate setting here gave these folks a chance to get up close and personal with the newlyweds. >> captain william. >> reporter: including us. >> catherine, are you excited about your first trip to the u.s.? >> yeah. >> reporter: and there was one more gift. how do you dazzle a duchess? with diamonds, of course. a harry winston polar bear broach and matching cuff links for the future king. 692 diamonds between them. and who couldn't use diamond polar bear cuff links. when they head down to los angeles, plenty of diamonds on display. matt, there is a black tie hollywood event planned as well as a charity polo match in santa barba barbara. see you soon in california. >> that's right. that polo match is the one that he is cooking at. nbc special correspondent ben fogle covered the first leg of the royal visit.
8:24 am
glad to have you back. they're having fun. as i look at this video, this is a different image of a royal couple than i'm used to seeing. >> it makes you smile, doesn't it? >> yes. >> everyone has been focusing on this trial and yet you suddenly see those images, they're both enjoying themselves. they're working as a team. that's what i really love. >> it's not just ceremonies, although there have been plenty of ceremonies and speeches but it seems they're making a real attempt to get down on street level, no pun intended to that street hockey game, but the grass root level. >> they're meeting as many people as possible. they had the official ceremonies and functions and slowly moved out. this is a big wild country. william alluded to that in his speech saying that's what canada is about. we've seen her out in a canadian canoe and seeing them down with the people. >> it's interesting because they understand, also, or the palace understands that a few small
8:25 am
gestures goes a long way. when he gave part of the speech earlier in the trip in french and then attempting two different aboriginal languages in portions of this last speech, first of all, that's frot with peril because when f. you make one wrong move there. >> i'm sure they were practicing. >> it's important to the people of canada. >> of course, it is. i wouldn't be too -- i wouldn't read into it too much. this is genuinely what william is like. he really wants to make an effort. it hasn't been that they've got lots of people. >> it's not calculated. >> they want to make sure they do it right but it's not so calculated. this is genuinely what they're like. for me what's interesting, following them for the first few days, i was out with william and his brother harry in africa last year. they were laughing with one another. you just starting to see william do that with kate. they're working as a team. >> they're laughing together. they're being affect shionate i front of the cameras. they're eating in front of the
8:26 am
cameras. is that taboo? >> interesting moment. you never feel more photograph and they allowed it. they didn't complain. i think, matt, that's very down to earth couple. >> and on to california. ben fogle, good to have you 8:26 is your time now. 80 degrees already. hot, hazy, and humid. tom will have your forecast after the news. good morning, i'm eun yang. a virginia mother expected to turn herself over to police, after being charged with felony murder and child neglect. the veterinarian accused of leaving her 2-year-old son ryan in the family minivan for seven hours this month. by the tile he was found, the boy was dead. documents show murphy left her son in the car for 20 minutes in january in her work parking lot. we'll take a quick break.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. radar showing rain, thunder, lightning, couple pep somewhere fauquier heading off to the northeast. maybe into fairfax in the next half hour. hour's traffic? >> an accident, 270 north, right
8:29 am
at the split where the lane break off for the commuter lane. you are jammed from the spur as you make your way up towards the lane divide. and this here is at old georgetown road. back to you. >> thank you. another news
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on this wednesday morning, the 6th day of july, 2011. it is a beautiful day here in south manhattan. nice sunny weather. not so bad temperatures. stick around for friday's concert tour series. blake shelton will be stopping by for a life performance.
8:31 am
watch out for that tree. meantime, outside studio 1a, i'm ann curry alongside matt lauer. itching right now? there's a reason for that because experts say we may be heading into or may already be in one of the worst seasons in decades f s fos formosquitos. we're going to tell you why it's so bad and what you can do about it. there are dangers associated. >> almost going to make you forget about the beg bdbugs we talked about in the went per something else you're going to see a lot of in the summer months, produce. tomatoes, fresh corn on the cob great as well. martha stewart is here this morning. she's going to share some great recipes for tomatoes and corn. >> all right. and then what would you do if you won the lottery? >> quit work? >> we're going to meet a millionaire who actually decided
8:32 am
to keep his job as a school janitor. that's right. wait until you hear what he's planning to do with his winnings. a lot to get to, but we want to say something. we're very proud of right now. we want to kind of take notice of a major anniversary. we got a guy standing directly across from us named tommy hogan. today marks tommy's 31st year with nbc. great cameraman in the entire business. >> i wasn't keeping track of that. thank you. >> 31 years. by the way, your associate, another fantastic camera person, jimmy corgan, 26 years at nbc today. he liked the idea so much he took off. congratulatio congratulations, pal. >> tommy, thank you. that's the only way this could happen. mwah. we love you. anyway, let's go over to maria la rosa who is in for al this morning doing the weather.
8:33 am
>> congratulations. and of course, you know, a lot of people enjoying a people enjoying a new york city summer day. what's rest of july going to like like? a lot like june. as far as temperatures go, below normal across the northern tier. above average across the south and the southwest. as far as precipitation, still heavy rains potential going to plague areas that don't need it in the northern plains and drier in areas across the south and the southwest. scattered showers and thunderstorms today could turn severe from the mid-atlantic to the central plains and into new england. that's a quick look at the weather across the nation. here's what you can expect. >> good morning. southwest of washington, radar showing some showers and thunder and lightning from central fauquier into culpepper county advancing north and east into prince william and northern stafford county over the next few minutes. it may move toward fairfax county and into the district after that. later today, sun, highs reaching low 90s. hot and humid, could get scattered afternoon and evening
8:34 am
storms. could get morning showers, midday, afternoon and evening storms friday. at ann, back to you. >> maria, thank you so much. coming up next, we've got some mouth-watering recipes from none other than martha stewart! but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
back now at 8:36. this morning on martha on today, the season's best tomatoes and corn. summer is in full swing. this is the perfect time for the best farm fresh produce. martha stewart is here with delicious recipes. they are straight from the pages of "martha stewart everyday food." martha, good morning. nice to see you. where are the best ears of corn and tomatoes coming from right now? >> east hampton. >> too early for corn? >> no, there's some early corn coming in right now.
8:37 am
and new jersey and everywhere, it's like -- and go to the farmer's market. buy organic. >> we're going to make a bread pudding. first of all -- >> not a bread pudding, a bread salad. >> bread salad with tomatoes. when you buy a tomato at the store, nothing worse than a mealy tomato. how do you pick? >> i wait for the homegrown tomatoes, i really do, farm grown. we have cherry tomatoes that are very red and ripe. cucumbers, radish and celery. you can add the other vegetable ingredients. >> all of this? >> all of it. >> okay. that makes it easy. >> capers. red onions we soaked in a little bit of ice water. >> why? >> it gets rid of that really strong taste. and basil. and some dried bread crumbs. >> any variety of bread you like best? >> i like country french. it's very nice. we have some roasted garlic. you can use just very finely chop edgar liped garlic.
8:38 am
extra virgin olive oil. >> pinch of pepper. >> some salt. that gets poured over. and you then toss. and you have -- it's an amazingly good salad. >> you don't want to pour the salad drizing on too far in advance because it will wilt? >> it's okay with this salad because there's not much to wilt and the bread gets soaked. this is a tomato tart. i love these. this is a yellow tomato tart and a red tomato tart. you can use the prepackaged frozen puff pastry. >> you cut with it a little shaper there. >> whatever size you want to make. it's nice to have one big thick slice of tomato on it. on these rounds, bake it on a 375 oven. you use -- here, make sure you brick the pastry. >> why do you have to do that? >> then it doesn't puff up too much. this is called docking. you dock with a fork. and then you put a little bit of
8:39 am
cheese, whatever kind you like. i like fontina or even parmesan cheese is delicious on here. >> you get your little olive oil paint brush here. when do you do that? >> right now on top of the tomato. you can do that. you're not doing anything. >> that's okay. what else is new, right? when you come i let you do it. >> olive oil. salt and pepper. put that right in the oven for about 30 minutes. and, boy, does this taste good. >> what temperature would you put that in? >>. 5. preheated. >> come out again like you have just shown. >> yes. >> beautiful. decorate with a fresh basil leaf. this is grilled corn. this should be hot. it's not hot right now because we've been waiting. >> let me take you back a second. you're in the supermarket and i know you don't. you go to farmer's market. let's say you see the ears of corn. do you shuck them? >> a lot of farmers get mad at me. >> i know. >> open one a little bit just to see if it's the corn you want. >> if you don't like it, throw it back in the pile.
8:40 am
>> why not. don't tell anybody. >> do you like the white corn? >> butter and sugar that's yellow and white and the silver queen, which is white corn. after you grill it, let it cool a little bit and brush it with mayo. >> mayonnaise? >> mayonnaise, can you believe this? it is so good. and roll it in grated parmesan cheese. a little bit of chipotle pepper and serve with it lime. boy, is that good. >> what if for kicking and giggles we wanted to put butter as opposed to mayonnaise. >> sure. but this is like mexican corn. >> all right. >> and then the best other thing to have with grilled salmon or grilled fish is a wonderful sweet corn relish. white corn off the cob, cut it off. cook it first, cut it off with a knife. and then tomato, avocado, some parsley and red onion. and there is a dressing of just
8:41 am
lemon juice and olive oil. and that is your relish. it is really -- i could eat just this. >> also very simple. and i would imagine that because you are such a fan of fresh tomatoes and corn you brought enough for everyone? >> i did. you can have all that. >> take it back to the house? >> take it back to vacation. >> scarf it down. >> you're going to maine. >> yeah. going up there today. i will take a tomato for the plane. >> okay. thank you. have fun. >> thank you very much. up next, how to deal with one of the worst mosquito seasons in decades. we'll talk about that. but first, this is "today" on nbc. somebody help! [ gasps ]
8:42 am
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8:44 am
at the national pest association. missy, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> why this year? why this year possibly fwg worst in decades in mosquitos? >> it is going to be a bad year. in fact, many people have already started to experience that the hard way. the major culprit here is rain. we've had a lot of rain this season. unfortunately a lot of flooding as well. all of that rain brings stagnate water. it's a wonderful covering point for mosquitos. also, it's a housing crisis is going on. houses are in foreclosure and they're finding a lot of stagnate water. >> excellent point. reminder of the dangers that mosquitos pose? >> not just irritating nuisance pests but may be harmful to the health. we're talking a lot today about mosquitos. they are alive and well here in new york city. in the summertime, insects send half a million people to the hospital every year. mosquitos here, west nile virus
8:45 am
we think about. it is important to know how to protect ourselves and protect our family. >> let's talk about how we can protect ourselves. there are a lot of products. what should we be looking for? >> the cdc has done a lot of research in working with epa in determining the products most able to keep us safe from mosquitos. we see a variety of different things here. the cdc recommends the gold standard in terms of protecting. also oil of lemon, deet is the main one. use deet for the amount of time you're outside. 40% protection is five hours of coverage. >> does the clothing work? >> they do. these have been pretreated with insect repellant. they can be helpful in prote protecting against mosquitos and ticks as well. >> do fans work? >> they can keep them minimized from the area but won't prevent biting. >> let's talk about how we protect our food, because that is important. >> it is.
8:46 am
we're outside and doing summer barbecues and a lot of entertaining in the season. as you're getting out your grill, if you keep them covered, covers have a lot of nooks and crannies. it could be a place where that stagnate water can be. good place for mosquitos to be breeding. before you use your grill make sure no inseths have made nests there. particularly stinging insects. look below, underneath. >> you definitely don't want any mosquitos making any mess in what you're going to put on your plate. >> no. >> you want to cover your food. >> as you're outside make sure you're keeping your food protected. all of these things can be opportunities for pests who may want to come and join you. we have an attractive thing here. here we have a nice food cover. it keeps our food safe and attractively presented. >> pretty bowl. >> very nice. >> nice top. >> you can keep -- you can display and use your hospitalibility to make sure that your guests are coming into your home and feeling welcome but you're not welcoming pests. >> any word on this? >> a couple of things here.
8:47 am
after the segment. a couple of things that you're going to be doing here. you want to make sure as your serving beverages this summer, take caution and use the cans here. insects can fly in here. without realizing it, when you take a sip you can get stung. another thing, when you are disposing of these items make sure to rinse them out because insects are attracted to the sugary substances in here. rather than giving them the perfect opportunity for feeding here, coming near you, you want to make sure you rinse those out. >> let's talk about how to protect our home. one minute left. cover? >> absolutely. it seems to basic. make sure your trash is covered. otherwise it can provide a feeding opportunity. it brings those bets close to you and your family. >> standing water is the problem? >> your kids are outside getting cooled off. using the small pool empty them. bird baths, providing a welcome environment for birds as well. half an inch of water can provide a breeding spot for
8:48 am
mosquitos. >> to do these candles work? >> citronella candles can minimize the mosquitos in the area. they won't prevent you from being bitten. >> it's not fun to hear the bugs being zapped. >> any holes should be sealed. perfect entry point for stinging insects or mesquiosquito coming your home environment. >> what is that device? >> we take care of all of your different lawn needs. we want to make sure that this time of year in particular your lawn is being well kept. any of the standing grass area is a good place for ticks to come on your family and pets and therefore into your home. >> keeping us safe from insects. thank you so much. and coming up next, would you quit your job if you won a million dollars? we're going to meet a man who didn't, he's a janitor. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
today's american story with bob dotson comes from seattle, washington. it's about a lottery winner who bought a time share in las vegas but never went. tire ron curie it seems decided the easy street was not the address he wanted. >> reporter: someone has to turn on the lights in life.
8:51 am
someone has to do the jobs we take for granted. >> good morning. how are you? >> reporter: but you think tyron curry would kiss this trash can good-bye. >> this is what i was doing when i learned that i won the lottery were five years ago the custodian won the washington state lottery. >> i took off running. >> reporter: his wife michelle had his winning ticket, worth -- >> i don't know. it's three or four zeros. too many zeros. >> reporter: $3.4 million. he went bowling to celebrate like he's done every wednesday night for 25 years. >> he hasn't changed at all, in my mind. >> reporter: his bank account may be bigger, but not his life. >> push. push. i'm just joe citizen. >> reporter: he still lives in a tiny house at the end of a co d
8:52 am
cul-de-sac, with his wife, grandson, and four other family members. >> we're in the middle of bankruptcy. >> reporter: when they won the lottery. that big check bought them out of debt but they spent little else. all you did with your house is put in a heat pump and siding? >> and a driveway. >> reporter: for a car that carries him to work, five years later. some students were worried he might quit. >> i'm going to miss you like crazy. >> reporter: but he's not a guy to give up on a job. during the vietnam war the former navy boilerman shipped out to fight seven times. tyrone, you could be sleeping at 4:00 in the morning. >> you could be doing stuff. that's my philosophy. >> good morning. >> reporter: five generations have grown up around tyrone since he came home from war and started taking care of kids. >> sometimes the lunch at school is probably the only meal they get. >> reporter: most people in this neighborhood don't have a lot of
8:53 am
money. tyrone always wanted to be a teacher but he became a janitor after budget cuts eliminated his assistant teaching position. that was 35 years ago. he never went looking for another classroom because he found a better one at a second job out back. >> go back one. >> reporter: he coaches the evergreen high school track team. >> there you go. that's much better. >> reporter: here is where tyrone decided to splurge. he's building his team a state-of-the-art track this summer. >> i'm getting excited. it's been a long time. >> reporter: costs him $40,000. >> good morning. >> reporter: so he's buying more lottery tickets. >> i'm not done. >> reporter: the tennis team has 100 students trying to crowd on to four courts. tyrone dreams of building more. doesn't care about the odds. when else in your life have you been that lucky? >> life is lucky. >> reporter: and when it's not,
8:54 am
tyrone feels it's the janitor's job to fix it. >> thank you. >> reporter: his mother died of a heart attack just before his graduation this spring. >> my family is in shambles, so i'm kind of flaunderring. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: the honors student was just dragging his pen across paper. until his track coach taught him perseverance. >> holding on, dealing with the cards you're dealt with, and just powering through really. >> reporter: tyrone put his arm around you and watched you 100 yards down the track. what did he say? >> he just wanted me to know what he was there and i didn't have to feel alone. >> reporter: his father was not around, so tyrone offered to pay for his college. >> tyrone curry, track coach, janitor, i am never going to forget him. >> reporter: the millionaire who cares more for other people's dreams than he does his own. >> that's what we want to see tomorrow. >> reporter: the luckiest man
8:55 am
alive. for "today," bob dotson, nbc news, with an american story in seattle, washington. >> wow. what a beautiful story. >> really is. every time you thought tyrone was doing enough, he did more and more. >> quietly. >> yeah. >> not asking for attention. >> american hero. >> thank you for bob dotson for bringing us that store rinchts just ahead, more on the not guilty verdict in this casey anthony murder trial. we're going to break things down with our legal team. savannah guthrie and star jones will join us.
8:56 am
8:56 is your time now. 79 degrees out there. it is sticky and humid already. tom will tell us how hot it's going to get. good morning, ieun yang. the dalai lama will gone a peace service and prayer service in washington in town to lead a buddhist ritual expected to draw 100,000 people today marks the doll dalai lama's berth day.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning.
8:59 am
showers, thunder west of washington now, louden county, prince william, fauquier, culpepper advancing north and east. much of the thunder and lightning dissipated. today, sun breaking out, afternoon passing storms. highs before then reaching low 90s. more of the same tomorrow and again on friday. grart chan greater chance friday. >> delay on the marc pen, 21 minutes. the vre, fredericksburg line, train number 310, delay is ten minutes. >> thank you. back with another news break in just 25 minutes. hope to see you then.
9:00 am
we're back with more on "today" now on a wednesday morning. it is 6th day of july, 2011. and according to maria la rosa we are in for a stunning day here in new york city. hot but that's okay. it's that time of year. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with curry and savannah guthrie. al is taking some time off this week. coming up, much more reaction to this verdict that some are calling stunning in the casey anthony murder trial. she was acquitted of three felony charges, found guilty on four misdemeanor charges for lying to investigators. but the end result here is she is not facing the death penalty
9:01 am
or anything close to that for the killing of her daughter. jurors just did not buy the prosecution's case. >> that's right. we're also going to talk to a panel of experts about where does she go from here? at some point she will be releas released. the question will be how will she live her house given the public outcry about this verdict? our money experts will be here with a little bit of financial advice. they're answering some of your questions that affect a lot of people like the best way to roll over your retirement funds, paying off college funds and whether or not your spouse's credit affects your own. okay. lots to get to. let's go inside. natalie is standing by at the news desk with the headlines. >> good morning, again. as you heard, casey anthony could be spending her last full day and night in jail today. tomorrow she will be sentenced on four misdemeanors after being found in the of not murdering 2-year-old daughter caylee. kerry sanders is at the courthouse in orlando with more. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning,
9:02 am
indeed she could be walking free tomorrow on those convictions, they were not felony convictions but misdemeanor convictions, which means that casey anthony could be sentenced up to four years but she's already spent up to three years in jail and very often judges allow for time served, meaning that tomorrow she may walk out of this courtroom. as she was in the courtroom celebrating with her attorneys, her parents slipped out of the courtroom after hearing the verdict, and they have not been seen since. natalie? >> terry, we know as if you heard, there's a huge public outcry there to casey's acquittal. if she is released tomorrow, even though she does have to serve time, are authorities concerned at all for her safety and what are they doing to ensure that she's protected? >> reporter: they have already put together a security plan because they know that -- well, there were hundreds of people just outside the courthouse here yesterday with their jaws
9:03 am
dropped and they were angry. some of them protesting at the jury's decision. and so the security plan is in place. it's not been released, but they say that if she is released, and not having to spend any more time in jail or prison because of the time already served, they have figured out a way that she can leave here safely. it's unclear where she would go. >> all right. kerry sanders, thank you so much. you've done a great job covering the case. really appreciate it. we're going to have much more analysis of the casey anthony verdict coming up in a little bit. the white house says the president has now begun sending condolence letters to family of service members who commit suicide in addition to those of troops who die in combat or non-combat incidents. concern is growing along the yellowstone river as oil spreads following last week's pipeline break. montana's governor brian schweitzer is slamming exxon's claim that the crude just spread 25 miles downstream. it's hampering clean-up efforts
9:04 am
and could now spread leaked oil into a wider damage zone today. and today royal newlyweds william and kate head to northern alberta. the latest stop in canada. on tuesday they took a float plane deep into the northwest territories. they went canoeing and dined off paper plates. next they head to california on friday. forecasters say conditions are right for more dust storms today in arizona after a big one there on tuesday in phoenix. we get more now from nbc's aditi roy. >> reporter: it looked like a scene right out of a disaster movie. but this massive dust storm that roared through parts of phoenix, tempe, and scottsdale, arizona, late tuesday was not a hollywood creation, it was a real life monster that caught many people by surprise. >> we were driving on the freeway and both of us at the same time said, what is that? and we pulled off the road and walked over here and just both
9:05 am
just stared at it. >> this is as far as i got. i said i can't go any further. we pulled over to wait it out. >> reporter: the huge wall of dust reported to be some 50 miles wide was pushed by wind gusts of more than 60 miles an hour. instantly turning daytime into night. >> at one point visibility was down to about 25 yards. it was very dangerous situation across the city. >> reporter: the high winds toppled trees and power lines causing power outages throughout the area. low visibility led to flight delays into phoenix before the dust settled. aditi roy, nbc news, los angeles. here's something else you've got to see to believe. german golfer martin came whole won last year's pga championship is out with a trick shot video. among the amazing shots there this one from a helicopter that hits the green and rolled right there into the hole. if you can believe it. take a look at this one.
9:06 am
into the top of a bell tower. it actually rang that bell. can you believe that? that is crazy. it is now five minutes past the hour. let's go back out to ann and mats. i'm sure you've got amazing shots like that, matt. >> bell towers before but >> i've hit into bell tower but was not intentionally, which is the problem. >> me too. >> cool stuff. thank you. check in with the weather. al's not here but maria's here and she'll give us a sense of what's happening. >> great crowd here. a company visitors. >> branson, missouri. >> welcome. a nice hot summer day in the northeast today. we do have showers and thunderstorms, though, if you're heading towards new england, mid atlantic and could be on the severe side, also the central plains and the front range. the sizzle continues across the southern plains, texas, oklahoma, areas could get well over 100 degrees today. that's a quick look at the weather across the country. here's what you can expect. >> cloudy and muggy now. temperatures near 80.
9:07 am
as we look at radar, rain in southern loudoun county, prince william, fairfax and fauquier and culpepper where they are getting thunder and lightning. advancing off to the north and east. later today sun. climb to the low 90s by mid to late afternoon. could get passing storms, slight risk, would be severe. on thursday, partly sunny, hot, humid again. could get afternoon and evening storms. showers and storms are possible on friday as well. to you. >> all right, thank you, maria. we've got much more now on the not guilty verdict in the casey anthony murder case. star jones is a former prosecutor and veteran legal commentator and savannah guthrie is "today's" legal correspondent. good morning, ladies. we heard from an alternate juror today. we're not hearing in the jurors yet. but he was not in the deliberation room but he did say he agreed with the verdict. he said, savannah, this is clearly a case of reasonable doubt, that the prosecution didn't connect the dots.
9:08 am
they didn't prove cause of death and motive, which i think is very interesting because i thought prosecution doesn't have to prove motive, right? >> they don't. but the reason prosecutors often put evidence on as motive is for that reason exactly. jurors want to hear it. they want to be able to understand why a defendant did what she allegedly did. in this case, prosecutors did put on evidence of motive. they argued that she was a young mom too soon. she wanted to go live a happy single life and she wanted to be free of the responsibilities of child rearing. clearly these jurors did not buy it whatsoever. what's so fascinating is on the one hand this alternate jury told us on the "today" show, yes, there was reasonable doubt but then there were other things he said that i thought suggested they also believed the defense theory this was an accident in a swimming pool. >> this was a wholesale rejection of the prosecution's case. do not be misled. if we believe what the out turn of the jury says, they did not believe that casey anthony killed that baby.
9:09 am
>> exactly. >> which is different from they don't think the prosecution proved that she killed the baby. >> in their mind -- >> that their mind. >> -- she didn't do it. >> she is now going to be free. >> it feels that way. we have only heard from an alternate juror, but based on it, there's a difference in the law between saying someone is not guilty or innocent. not guilty just means the prosecutor didn't meet the truth. maybe they did believe she was innocent. >> because what he said, i think what you were alluding to, is that when we he talked about, yes, she lied, yes, she's a party girl and all of that but just because she lied, she lied long before he said caylee's death that this really came from -- they viewed this whole family as dysfunctional. >> that was from the mouth of jose baez. they were -- >> defense theory. >> 100% regurgitation of the opening statement of jose baez.
9:10 am
they believe the defense's theory that this is a dysfunctional family. casey was taught to lie early on and she just perpetuated that throughout her life, that her family allowed for it and she continued it. what i find to be also interesting is, at least from his perspective, allowing for that 31 days. the 31 days is absolutely clear. she lied for all that time. so evidence wasn't found for all that time. the baby wasn't discovered for all that time. >> she was decompose for six months. is that part of the problem, is they didn't have any clear-cut physical dna that linked casey to that death? >> there were huge gaps in evidence in this case through no fault of the prosecutors who tried the case. the child was not found for six months. by the time she was found she was skeletonized. there wasn't any tissue to tests to see if there had been any drugs administered. >> the hair sample, the animal that crushed her skull --
9:11 am
>> calls this the csi effect, jurors in our day and age because of "forensic file," whatever, have a high expectation that there will be science evidence that is overwhelming. beyond a reasonable doubt is a high legal standard but it's not beyond every doubt. >> even prosecutor jeff ashton told matt today that beyond a reasonable doubt is extremely difficult. they felt they connected the dots enough. >> you cannot bring a murder one where you're asking for the life of someone if you are not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt you have the evidence. that would be irresponsible. and i don't think these prosecutors acted irresponsibly. >> where they'd difficult fail? >> i don't think -- i don't really think that the jury seemed to see that there were actually dots to connect. there's one thing that says there are gaps of the evidence, it's another thing for them to wholesale believe that there actually did not occur, didn't occur the way they said. >> meanwhile we're all sitting here thinking casey anthony could possibly be free tomorrow. i mean, she has served already three years in prison and that
9:12 am
could be the time for these convictions on lies that she told. >> absolutely. four misdemeanors, one year maximum for each one. in theory they could be sentenced to consecutively which would be a total of four years. she's in jail presently for time served for the check charge crime that she pled guilty to a while ago. so she literally could walk out of the courtroom. i actually wondered why there was no bail application made when the verdict was delivered. >> savannah, no chance though that she will never be tried again? >> well, there could be a civil case. that would not be a problem with double jeopardy but who would the plaintiff be? we don't even know who the baby daddy is. i don't know. may be some responsibility of a civil case but i don't see it right now. >> quickly, can she profit from this. >> yes. >> are we going to be seeing a book some day like o.j. simpson. >> she was not convicted of
9:13 am
killing the baby. however, i think she should get on a plane and go somewhere and start a new life. >> hopefully witness protection program, i would imagine, or something because i think she's going to be -- >> she can't go home after throwing her entire family under the bus in terms of her defense. and she seems kind of unemployable at this moment. so she's probably looking and thinking i've got to make money to support myself. >> i know a couple of websites that would be very happy to employ her. >> star jones, thank you. star savannah, you guys are great to talk to. still to come, inside the mind of kay casey anthon thotho she goes from here if she is set free tomorrow. and paying off your debt and other financial advice in our "money 911." [ female announcer ] love the look of freshly colored hair?
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tomorrow casey anthony could be a free woman after spending some three years behind bars. with so much public opinion against her it's hard to imagine what must be going through her mind and how she moves on from here. dr. gayle is a "today" contributor and psychiatrist and author of "you say more than you think." good morning to both of you. jenen, i know your expertise is how people lie and how you can tell if someone the lying. we'll get to you in a minute. dr. gayle, casey anthony's life is about to change, it may be literally overnight depending on when the judge decides to release her. bottom line, she will be released sooner rather than later. how does someone adjust, particularly coming out to a world that is so different when someone left, everyone watching her. >> this is a problem for a myriad of reasons. people being in jail adjusting
9:18 am
to being able to take care of themselves and being outside. usually they try to return to families but obviously in this case it's a family that is so, in best case scenario, dysfunctional. most families can't survive infidelity, can't survive sexual abuse, murder, or the loss of a child for that matter. you add all of these things together -- >> in the context of her defense she actually accused her father, su suggested her mother may have been the one who left the ladder at the pool which led to the child's death and accused her brother of molesting her. >> in any one of these is true or even just the accusations themselves create such anger, animosity, difficulty in getting along, that it's hard to imagine how this could be -- i don't think you could say the word repair. sometimes pathological families hang together out of desperation, the fear of being alone and they sort of co-has
9:19 am
been in this way. they could. >> the counts that she was convicted of for lying to police, there was overwhelming evidence that she did looi. in fact, the defense acknowledged the she had lied. one of the prosecutors called her a profession allier. how is it that -- what's the dynamic here? how does someone adopt these behaviors and become this way? >> it's interesting. when people start to lie and get caught in a lie and become desperate. when they become desperate the lies become bigger. we can fall from it. i'm retired from the atf within the justice department. it's easy to lie to law enforcement. but law enforcement pretty early on that she was lying, casey was lying. they kind of let her walk herself down to the plank and jump off to the middle of the ocean. she confessed and ultimately convicted of lying. >> exactly. lying. >> acknowledged that she had lied. let's play a little bit of the interview with the police.
9:20 am
>> knock on the door. nobody answers. so i call zenaid a's cell phone and it's out of service. >> everything you told us is a lie. every single thing. >> if the main thing you want to do is find your daughter and you don't think lying to us will help us do that, why are you doing that? >> because i'm scared. >> that was going to help find her how? >> i don't know what else to do anymore. >> you say there are tell tale signs when someone is lying. the way they speak but also how they act? >> absolutely. any time someone lies, committing an act or they're lying in a statement, they're always trails of the truth. just a matter of spotting them. one of the things that we see with casey is body blocking. we saw it with a lot of politicians. we saw it with roger clemens. any time a piece of our body covers another piece of our body. casey anthony would put her hand over her eyes, playing with her bangs earlier on in the trial, constantly pulling her bangs down over her eyes, in front of
9:21 am
her face. what this becomes is armor. it's as if she wants to prote herself from the truth. we need to spot body blocking with the liars in our life. >> this is a woman who has absolutely no support system to speak of. and now will have the eyes of the world upon her. i can only imagine, photographers will follow rher every step of her life. >> either she's going to make it her business to disappear, if you will, and try to get help for herself and repair her life in that sort of way, which obviously is what i would advocate for as a professional, or she's going to gravitate to the spotlight, you know, and become part of the machine of what all of us like to watch, you know, of the terror and the explosions and so on. >> she might walk around with pants on fire and a giant nose because american is going to judge her a lot differently. 12k3w4r we'll have to leave it
9:22 am
there. thank you to you both. coming up, turning your modern ipad into a retroarcade? must have gadgets in bill's fun finds. dy ♪ ♪ gonna have a good time tonight ♪ come in for a great time at olive garden. enjoy our new carbonara ravioli with chicken for just $10.95. pancetta and parmesan-filled ravioli served with pan-seared chicken in creamy parmesan sauce. ♪ family affair or with sauteed shrimp for $12.95. both with unlimited breadsticks and salad or homemade soup. a great meal sure to end with a smile. olive garden. when you're here, you're family. [ female announcer ] something unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste. ♪ delicious pringles multigrain. with a variety of flavors, multigrain pops with pringles. can be even more powerful,
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but you can do this. bengay pain relief + massage with penetrating nubs plus the powerful pain relief of bengay. love the nubs! 9:26 is your time. 80 degrees. steamy out there already. how hot is it going to get? tom will have the forecast at the news. i'm eun yang. wednesday july 6, 2011. the dalai lama will begin a prayer service at the verizon center near here in washington. more than 100,000 are expected to attend the event in the next ten days. tomorrow, metro will propose running an express bus service to the marc center. one line would run from the pentagon to the marc center another from the fran cone aa springfield station.
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning. cloudy, muggy now. we're around 80 degrees. we have showers advancing southwest to northeast now coming out of northern virginia into montgomery county. should be in the district, light rain over the next half hour. sun should come out after that, climbing to the low 90s this afternoon. could get storms later today. danella, how's traffic? >> problems in maryland outer loop of the beltway. stop and go as you make your way from university boulevard and head towards georgia avenue. virginia, look at this, 66 at
9:29 am
suddenly road. you are jammed as you make your commute this morning. >> thank you. we're back with another news4 news break in 25 minutes. back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
♪ we are going a little bit country on friday with blake shelton take ourg summer concert stage. he moves to nashville right out of high school and the big gamble paid off because now he's a superstar. we've got something for everyone lined up. next friday, chris brown will be dancing on our plaza. and then c.lo green is going to be here.
9:31 am
mark the calendars. a lot to look forward to in the next couple of weeks. >> g-rated version of that particular song. >> exactly. coming up in this half hour, money 911 experts are tackling your money questions like when is it worth it to take out a loan with a lower interest rate to pay off your credit cards? and can your spouse's bad credit affect your credit? we're going to have advice on that. plus, hot trends and high-tech gadgets, whether you want to double the battery life of your iphone or roll up your keyboard. also, a sleek new camera with amazing quality and the ability to photo shop. >> we love that. >> jill martin has all the gadgets and the giggles. >> i like putting the ipad there on the arcade. totally retro. in today's kitchen, one of the delicacies of summer, especially in new england, talking about lobster. today, from an upscale mac and cheese to a lobster curry, three
9:32 am
different lobster recipes. that's green curry lobster in a paper bag, they call it. but first, maria la of the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. still hot across the -- >> that just in. >> just in, breaking news. it is going to be close to 90 from boston to d.c. the mid-atlantic could see strong showers and thunderstorms. and make that a double for the central plains once again under the gun for strong thunderstorms. should be dry in the pacific northwest and a few afternoon thunderstorms across the southeast. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's what you can expect. >> good morning. here around 80, humid, showers now pulling out of northern virginia. light rain coming into montgomery county, across fairfax, prince william and southern fauquier and stafford county advancing to the north and east. later today sun, climb near 90 by mid to late afternoon. this evening could get passing thunderstorms, slight risk they could be severe south of
9:33 am
washington. could get more storms tomorrow and then on friday. all right. thank you. coming up next, getting your finances in shape with some help from our money experts in today's "money 911." [ coach ] come on in girls! now drink up!
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9:37 am
living." as always, we've got great questions from our viewers at home so let's get right to them. first, a viewer on skype from pennsylvania. >> i was laid off from my non-profit job in march 2010. i have $30,000 in this and continues to sit in the plan of my former employer although i have not made any contributions to it since being laid off. i received a call from the hr department of that employer advising me they wanted of get me along with some other former employees out of their plan since was no longer working there or contributing to the plan. my question is can they boot me out of the plan like that and, if so, would i face penalties from withdrawing from the plan and what should i do with that money? >> great question, dave. >> you've been booted! >> what's your answer? >> yes, they can technically boot you out of the plan. the reason they can do that is they don't want to keep paying the cost of having you in the plan. here's the options that you have. the option first is they can send you a check, bad option.
9:38 am
if they send you a check it's a withdraw withdrawal, withhold 20% for taxes and you will get hit with penalties. don't do that. ask them for an ira rollover. i don't know where your plan is, but wherever it is chances are you can do the ira rollover with them with the exact same company and have the same investments. the benefit will be you will have additional options. in the plan you have now is you only have those choices. in ira you have more options and also on beneficiariebeneficiari >> and no penalties associated with a rollover. >> exactly. >> next, a viewer e-mail from kathie from colorado writes, i have sun credit card that i owe $8,000 on. my car will be paid off in november of the next year. and i currently owe about $2100 on the car which is valued by kelley blue book for $11,000. with interest rates on car loans being so low and my credit card interest being high, would it be
9:39 am
a bad or good idea to refinance my car loan to pay off my credit card debt. do you want to help her out? >> here's the thing about refinancing at this point with her car loan. it has a pretty low remaining balance and only four or five months left until this november when the loan goes away. i don't know any banks that would work with her at this point even if she can get a re-fi. i wouldn't do it. here's why. she needs to discipline to pay off this debt herself. she has four months left. stay the course. pay that $400 every month, in november you will be debt free of that car loan but then transfer that debt over to the credit card. $400 a month on that credit card. $8,000 balance, she will be debt free in under two years. if she can convince the bank to lower the interest rate on the credit card, even better. it will not only get her out of debt quickly but give her the discipline to be out of debt and be debt free for life. >> take the money and pay the debt down. >> pretend that car loan still
9:40 am
exists, right, and just put that money towards the credit card. >> probably the first step in psyching yourself rich, right? >> yes. >> next, a viewer on skype with a question. dorothy from arizona. good morning to you, darcy. what is your question? >> good morning. my question is, my son is going to be a junior at northern arizona university. when he was a freshman i got a parent plus loan and my payments are $180 a month but i pay $300 a month. and what i want to know is, all of the extra is going to interest only, so my mom says it's not worth it for he me to extra. i want to know what you guys think. >> is she doing the right thing by paying extra? >> i got a few things for mama. first, tell your mom, a parent plus loan is about 7.9%. a little pricey. it's pricier than student loans. it is in your best interest to put more money towards it. even though a big chunk of it
9:41 am
does towards interest. i did the math for you. $12,000 loan at $180, putting $180 a month towards it. it would take ten years to pay off. you're putting $300 a month towards it, that will save you $4,000 in interest and you have the loan paid off in a little more than three years. well, well worth it. >> all right. doing great then. all right. david, carmen, unfortunately that's all the time we have for you this morning. thank you. to be continued. coming up next, roll up keyboards to chargers on the go? i love it. jill martin is here with must have new gadgets right after this. ♪
9:42 am
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9:45 am
this morning on "jill's fun finds" the hottest friends in tech gadgets, from a universal remote control to a roll-up keyboard. she has products we won't be able to live without. you've been doing your homework. i love it. the first item here. >> gadget music. really gets my vibe going. >> really getting into the theme. >> this is a nerd fiesta right here. >> i love this. al would love this. he's on vacation. with the icade. $99.99. you put your ipad right in here. and then it takes any atari game. it comes with pong, your favorite atari game. sit home and play this. this is great to keep on and let your game room or the basement. >> 1970 was your ipad. >> $99.99. >> roll of up keyboard. this is great. >> we all need a waterproof keyboard but if you have kids or you're traveling, and this links up to your ipad.
9:46 am
one or two. >> blue tooth. >> and it's blue tooth. it's just rolls up. you can travel with it. that's good for you. because you're always running around. >> indeed. this at long last the car charger for the ipad. >> because we all can't live wut our ipads all the time but you can charge in the car. amazing. $24.95 at brookstone. >> this is a great solution for when you want to have the power strip but you don't have the room for it. >> a college kid created this because he had all of these things in his doorm room. this is $29.99. you see it swivels. you can plug in all your bulky chargers. >> you can also make it go around a corner or whatever you need to do. >> right. and then you can fit everything in when you have it straight you can't have -- your iron or hair dryer. >> love a practical solution like that. very smart. >> cameras. >> this is great. a lot of us take pictures without makeup on or out and about and you want to fix it up. now you can do it on your
9:47 am
camera. there's a beauty retouch on this. we did this just last night. this is the before and after. you just go on on the camera literally and add, whiten stw n someone's teeth, add blush, add eyeliner. you can groove yourself up right on the spot. this is at amazon starting at $169. it's an investment but something fun. this one by samsung available on amazon has wi-fi enabled technology. you can upload directly to facebook or other social media sites. youtube, facebook, anything. >> it's got the connection. okay. universal remote control on your iphone. >> iphone,ipad, i touch. this has infrared signals to control on it. this will actually act as your remote control in your home. >> for everything. >> for everything. which is what we're becoming is our iphone and our ipad will become everything. >> this i love. this idea of your actual case is the charger. >> right.
9:48 am
$99.95. a 2g phone you will get an extra 16 hours of battery and 3g, an extra eight hours. the case is the battery. >> you're just charging all the time. >> charging all the time. >> is that good for it? some say you shouldn't continually charge. >> they say it just limits you having to keep plugging in and carrying around wires. >> online shoppers, this gadget is for you. i'm the kind of person who does not want to save the information. this you just swipe in your information with your credit card. >> it's your own personal swipe. >> it's your own person swiper. >> on the side of the computer. >> yeah. it's from brookstone, $59.95. >> secure? >> totally secure. you can save it or not save it. type in your name name and everything, everything cops out. >> i was hoping we could get to the place to talk -- could you please find a fish condo. >> i got that we e-mail from you the other day saying my fish
9:49 am
needs an elaborate place to live. >> in this doesn't cut it. >> random finds. fish condo, $40. and if you're in love with your fash, you can paint it any color and you want it to look grov i have in your room, it's perfect for you. >> this condo. and then last but not least. >> okay. i'm just saying, this is just a fun thing, buy it, don't buy it. if your cat likes to play, he has the ability or she has the ability. hammock. >> this is a stuffing. i would like to visualize how the cat could jump. >> it's a hammock. if you're a pet lover and you like to spoil your pets, it's completely safe. something for everyone. >> really is. can't wait until the next one. thank you. coming up next, a delicacy of summer. we're going to show you lobster, three different ways. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
today's kitchen is brought to you by kitchenaid, for the way it's made. this morning in today's kitchen, what's for dinner, lobster three ways. could it be any better? fresh maine lobster is complete on its own or kick it up a notch with tasty recipes. the owners of the restaurant in maine. here's savannah. >> lobster? >> hello. >> mark and clark, we love when you guys are here because it usually means lobster is here. >> usually does. >> better late than never. >> let's cook. >> yeah. >> start off with this. paper bag. >> it's really fun. yeah. we cook the lobster in what we call paper bag. just a piece of parchment paper. easy. throw all this in a blender. >> parsley? >> cilantro. lots of cilantro, basil, and
9:53 am
then italian parsley so it stays nice and green. you know how you to cook, huh? >> i knew you were going to say that. i'm like, which one are you talking about? >> tall girls don't cook. >> i'm sorry, pepper. some ginger and a shallot. lots of lime juice. lots of lime juice. >> you know what you're doing. >> barely. barely. >> you guys travel to asia a lot. >> we travel a lot. >> coming straight from -- >> this is something from china, actually. it seems more thai but clark picked this up in china, supposedly, amongst other things. >> different show. >> nothing happened. >> wow. >> first time on this show. >> this is really, really easy. put in sugar, salt, and a little oil and that's it.
9:54 am
>> i didn't see any curry powder you don't have to have it to make a curry. >> coconut milk and things like that. and then here comes our paper. this is great. >> everybody actually learned this in third grade because, you know, you made thosal ve a valentine's. you just have to go back in time to the third grade of think of someone, maybe mom. >> cut your valentine. >> be my valentine. >> okay. so then we're going to do this. we have zucchini and summer squash that we cut into a little julianne or what have you. >> all right. we're going to move it. no pressure or anything. okay. there you go. >> we are seeing you put the butter in the bag. roll it up and wrap it up into a pretty little package. >> put it together real quick. we've got one right here. >> we've got one already done. nice and hot. >> what does the bag do? nice way to cook it? >> great way to cook it without
9:55 am
it drying out. steams it up a bit. clark is going to cut that open. >> let's go to these other two. >> lobster, lettuce and tomato. ruggalach and the pancetta. we pop that right on there. that is herb mayonnaise. pancetta instead of bacon. this is lobster, mac and cheese. >> i'm going to dig into this. >> we always love when you
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:56 is your time now. 78 degrees out there. rain around the region. after the sticky weather. tom will tell us what's go on out in a moment. good morning. i'm eun yang. wednesday, july 6, 2011. a virginia mother expected to turn herself over to police. murphy is accused of felony murder and child neglect after allegedly leaving her 2-year-old son in her minivan for seven hours in 80-degree heat causing his death. police are hoping a new website will lead them to the killer of christine, sooeshgs actually assaulted and beat tonight death in 1998. they hope by posting a composite they will have similar success of those who hunted down the east coast rapist. tom kiernan in the storm center. >> we are getting light rain across northern virginia, potomac into montgomery county, coming into the district. maybe a half hour, 45 minutes of
9:58 am
light rain and move off to the north and east. sun after that. then storms later, highs reaching low 90s before that. tomorrow and friday, more storms. dry for the weekend. danella? >> if you're traveling in virginia, interloop and outer loop congested in between 66 as well as gw parkway. a live look. gw parkway, and the beltway, it is stop and go for you. i also want to take you around the beltway in both directions. you'll see congestion as you make your way from georgia avenue towards 95. >> thank you. coming up on news4 midday, how to get more fruits and veggies in your meals.
9:59 am
i'm laura, and this is my cvs. i just transferred a prescription to cvs because they have care 1on1. it's where the pharmacist stops and talks to me about safety and saving money with generic prescriptions. laura, let's talk about possible side effects. it's all about me. love that. get care 1on1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects
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when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's wines day wednesday. it's july 6th and guess what, hoda woman? >> what? >> in just eight day, where are we going to be. >> eight days from now would be july the 14th and the way i'm looking at that time on my calendar we are going to be in montreal. >> canada. you and i have to brush up on our french. how much do you have down? [ speaking french ]
10:01 am
>> for all of you quebecers, please come on by and say hello. no tickets needed. i guess it will be at 9:00. >> come at 9:00. so you'll be there early and if you have suggestions of places we should see in montreal, let us know. we want your pictures and stuff on our facebook page so we know where to eat, what to do and we want to see pictures of you enjoying yourself in montreal so we can post some of those pictures on our show. >> yes, we do. and we'll do two show snoos. get ready. pack a lunch. >> everybody will talk about it. where were you when you heard the verdict and whatevers your reaction. it seems universally that people are stunned by this verdict. >> yeah. >> so it's causing quite the con tro verse. >> yeah. it really was surprising. it was one of those things that there was an announcement that said the verdict would come at 2:15 eastern.
10:02 am
at 1:30, i know people who left the beach and raced home. >> i was with cassidy and i said let's wait to see this. >> because the verdict came back so quickly usually that's in favor of the prosecution so it made it doubly shocking when the jury came out and said not guilt o y on the three count, murder, manslaughter and child abuse. it was surprising. it really, really was, and i think one of the things people are having trouble wrestling with is the fact that she did not report this crime for 31 days. >> yes. >> and was out and we saw the pictures of her partying and stuff. >> there must be some kind of a crime in that area, but when we were talking to savannah guthrie she was talking about child abuse, you have to prove certain things to get child abuse. there are a couple of things. casey willfully or knowingly committed child abuse upon
10:03 am
caylee and did it intentionally or in doing so she caused great bodily harm and permanent disability and they couldn't physically prove -- if you really follow those that led to that. >> that the prosecution didn't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. that is why people's reaction is so heartbreaking, though. everybody knows within a shadow of the doubt that the child was murdered or discarded, died and discarded. and it just on eye think people are losing so much faith also. even though we have the best system in the world, i do believe that, at times like this our own faith is shaken in our system because we want justice for that child, and i know we want justice for somebody that's accused -- you want -- nobody likes to see somebody that they believe is guilty walk free. it's going to be interesting tomorrow to see what the judge does with the sentencing. i think because of the public outcry, it would behoove him -- i love that word, it would behoove him to make sure she
10:04 am
serves every sickle minute of the four counts she was found guilty of. >> it was four count, four years. she served three years and if you do the math that leaves one and even with the one florida has that good time thing for time served and if you behave yourself you get less time. so it would be interesting to see. if you think about it, if the math's right, the max she could serve would be one year if you add in everything she's already served in the past. i have to tell you, her dad and mom's reaction in the back of the court. you couldn't see the mom because she was shielded by someone in the courtroom. her dad's face was stoic. if you, as a father, if you learned that your child would not be executed and you heard that there would be an involuntary something, and i know he's a former police officer and stuff, but i found it interesting that you didn't see reaction on his face and they quickly got up with the attorney and left the courtroom. >> they made a statement that
10:05 am
the defense of their daughter was baseless. despite the baseless defense chosen by casey anthony, the family believes that the jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented. the testimony presented, the scientific information presented and the rules that were given to them by the honorable judge perry to guide them. >> thought the first sentence was telling. besides the baseless -- >> and the sexual abuse by her father. >> the judge said that they were not to count that in their process. >> i do find the -- >> you what? once you hear something like that it's there even though technically you're not allowed to, you're not supposed to, the suggestion has been made. >> what's interesting about this case, too, is 200 children are killed by their mothers every year according to some stats. this case in particular really riveted the country. >> and why not the other 199? >> yeah. what was it about this particular case? granted, it was riveting and
10:06 am
it's a sad story and all that stuff, but i'm -- i'm curious because for "dateline" they cover a lot of these kinds of stories this, one in particular, i know there was courtroom coverage which gets you in because you turn it on. >> you're seeing a dysfunctional family fall apart before your eyes and the aspect of you watching a train wreck. >> fun. >> people that are riveted to this stuff, i don't know. >> you were talking about they sequestered jury which is interesting. >> the minute we see even other in the morning we're talking back and forth and giving our opinions and saying what if. first of all, i know five children a day die now from child abuse and neglect in our country and we work a lot for child help which is a huge organization, but you think about these people that on the surface the prosecution made her such an unappealing person and the more you heard about her behavior in those 31 days.
10:07 am
that is not typical maternal behavior if your child is missing. the first thing you do is call the police to get help to find your child. >> true. >> so from day one, i know you're inon sense until proven guilty, but i assumed that is totally non-maternal behavior and she did something. is that a bug? >> i don't know. >> anyway, so what i think is also frustrating is she has not been held accountable for four count of lying -- >> lying. >> yeah, but not lying and getting help for your child. >> right. >> that seems -- why isn't she accused of that? >> i think that's part of the lying thing, but i think during those 31 days a lot of evidence was probably lost, you know, things happened and all that stuff, but again, if you follow -- because we were followed about the sequestered jurors and they live in this hotel room. >> they're not supposed to talk to even other. >> if you live in that head and you look at this statute on
10:08 am
child abuse and say did she knowingly and willingly commit sexual abuse upon caylee? >> there is no evidence. >> causing perm nents disability. >> i can see that word for word, maybe you would say, not of that. not guilty of that. >> and i guess, oliver wendell holmes at one time said we have a court of laws, not a court of justice in our country and that was brilliant and it's true. we have to go by the letter of the law. you know what i know in my heart of hearts? >> what do you know? >> it airnt over yet and ultimately there is justice done in one way or another. remember everyone was upset about the o.j. case. one day justice will find him, if you think he was guilty of that and most people i talk to do. and he's in a prison now in las vegas, i believe. >> so who knows? i just -- all right. it will be interesting to see what the judge does tomorrow. >> all right, hoda woman.
10:09 am
>> we have another topic we're talking about that drives a lot of us crazy, when you can't remember when where you put your keys and where you parked your car. >> i myself, have been mid-sentence talking even to you and forgot what i was saying. >> they call thai senior moment and you're not quite there. >> i can't and i wonder what is that? we'll talk to an expert about whether it's something you should really be worried about or whether it's info overload. >> or what they call it, the maturing brain. >> that's what they call me and frank, match ouring brains. >> that's a nice way of saying you're an old fart and it happens. >> you really don't -- i mean, this happens to me a lot with i can't find things. i don't remember. do you ever walk into a room and wonder what in the heck am i doing in this room? why did i come in here? >> once in a while, yeah. you know, the trouble with our
10:10 am
world is you multitask so much. >> yeah. >> you have a plan and say i should do that while i'm over there and while you're there you wonder what i was going do first. it's natural. i don't know anybody that lives a sedentary, boring life, but if you're the kind of person that does this or has a nervous tick or something like that. >> good news for you. >> good news for you. >> you're burning calories like crazy. if you fidget. >> it drives you crazy. >> it drives you nuts because they're shaking like that. you can eat a milky way a day. >> or a snickers. >> you're supposed to burn 300 cal friesz you do it all day long. >> think of how many calories the baby burns. the spastic stuff. >> can we show this picture? >> dumbest thing ever. this girl goes in for a conjugal
10:11 am
visit in prison and decides she would break him out in a thing that would fit in an overhead compartment. >> she tried to zip him in there and then she doused him down the stairs of the prison trying to get him out. >> they said dirty laundry is in here. >> they unzipped it and -- hey! anyway, he's back in the big house. nice try. >> he's in his underwear and his socks. >> look at him, he's embarrassed. okay. up next, we will talk a little bit more about the casey anthony murder case and the obsession with it and why women all over the country were riveted about a little girl they never really knew. >> we feel like it. let's go to last night's highlights. look what sometimes happens with the ordinary bag. it slips. bingo, falls in. mom was mad. mom should have used glad forceflex with the stretchable drawstring that grips the can and stays in place. plus, it has the stretchable strength of forceflex.
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of softness and strength. unlike other toilet paper that has just one ply, angel soft has two. and it's strong, yet gentle on your skin. ♪ angel soft ♪ an ideal balance of softness and strength ♪ when the words "not guilty" were read in the orlando courthouse ending the seven-week casey anthony murder trial you could hear a collective gasp from millions of people, a lot of women, across the country. >> but why the obsession with a family three years ago no one knew? diane fanning is the author of "mommy's little girl" casey anthony and her daughter's tragic fate. and dr. janet taylor is a psychiatrist and we should also >> all three are mothers, and i guess that does make -- does it make a difference? >> it made me feel the story more deeply because every time i looked at cay icould see one of my children sitting in that same position. >> and you remember them at 2
10:15 am
years old. >> my favorite age. >> what's interesting is we talked about this, but 200 children are killed each year. >> by their mothers. >> what do you think it is about this particular case that riveted so many people? >> well, you know, traditionally when kids are killed that's a horrible thing. usually there's depression, alcohol abuse, some sort of violence and in this case the fact that she went so long and didn't report it and seemed to be having fun and partying your child is missin a mother, you say what's going on? >> that's not maternal, instinctive reaction. >> think that's at the heart of the fascination about with this case. it's not just that a child went missing or that a child perhaps died at the hand of her mother, but it is this sort of idea that the very worst insult you could call a woman is unfit mother, and i think a lot of us are really examining how that threshold is moving, how you define, you know,at the limi is when you become unfit. >> that jurorumbe 12 is the
10:16 am
only speaking out said he called her a good mother. >> i don't know how anybody can call a good mother someone who doesn't say her child is disappearing or has disappeared and doesn't go out looking for them and goes out partying. how is that anywhere near a good mother. >> the idea of a goodr will depend on how you were ed yourself. that plays a part. >> there were a lot of moms on this jury, and i wasn't sure how that would p for the defense and the prosecution. were you surprised about the way the moms voted in this case. >> particularly the mothers of younger children because i thought their empathy would be totally with little caylee and not with casey. parents with older teenagers i could se how that might give them sympathy for casey. >> think we can understand the verdict based on just the letter of the law. >> yeah. >> but of them apparentl k she's completely innocent of anyt to do w the death daughter. that's what's mind blowing to me. >> right. 31 days does not say inon senin.
10:17 am
>> when i looked at the images of women gasping, was there a woman who fainted in front of the courthouse. i mean, the kind of emotional reaction was beyond what i thought we would see outside. when you guys saw these images, what did you think? >> i think any mother of a child of any age has a profound connection to this case. i think that there air lot of questions being surfaced in this case. lou much time away from your children can you have and enjoy yourself? how complicated is the rirp with your own mother? what happens when you leave -- when you select a nanny or leave your children at home with your mother, there are a lot of conflicts and issues here that ingrfaced that we really talk about. child that we don't know exactly what happened and who did it and there's a sense of unresolved ief and closure.
10:18 am
i think for all of uswho gasped as well as the anthony family. >> the fact that the family emed so incredibly dysfunctional on the stand, that one of therors said yes, she sying about all this stuff, but she's lied her whole life and it looked like the family's dysfunction played a big role in that verdict, do you think? >> i think that's the -- where they part from the general public. i think people in the general public tend to look at their dysfunction and go, wow! i wasn't the best parent in the world, but i sure wasn't that bad. >> wouldn't it make them think, wouldn't someone raised in a family like that be more prone to be in a terrible mother and harm their child than someone who grew up in the beaver cleaver family, you know? >> i think there is a tremendous psychic weight that all mothers bear and that is greater for working mothers, it's greater for single working mothers. it's especially great for single
10:19 am
working mothers of small children. it's difficult to giv casey a pass here because she had a support network that a lo us don't have. she had a roof over her heead ad had a car, they would take care of her so she could go out and not give up her social life. difficult for someone to reconcile even facing that support could fail her child. >> as a mother, your primary responsibility is for the safety and well-being of your child and to protect them and that's why she felt little caylee was exposed and not protected at all. >> think that is this special outrage that you're seeing in mothers. it's not just the horror that we don't know what happened to caylee, but it's this sort of unimaginable all coming together. in a lot of ways we can relate what she's been up against and for every casey anthony, there's a milli mowho meet those
10:20 am
demands every day. >> ladies, i'm sorry, we're out of time. we can talk about this subject all day long. >> thanks for coming. all day long. >> thanks for coming. we ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, you can get that same cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra soft has extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ah. [ female announcer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. [ announcer ] who could resist the call... of america's number-one puppy food brand?
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activia light helps me feel good inside. which helps me be on top of things help regulate your digestive system. love how you feel or your money back. if you are looking for a good laugh sarah is here with "what the what." >> those are the pictures you share with us so we can share them with all of you. >> if these don't make you say, what? i'm not sure what will. our first one was sent by
10:23 am
richard from maryland. nothing says event when catering by bay area disposal. i wonder what they're serving up for dinner? my dad would love this kind of thing. >> somebody's got to clean up. all right. >> it's not even the cleanup. doesn't it seem like they're saying we'll bring your food to you. next is from melissa from crown city, ohio. my sister mimi found this camping and she's probably okay. >> probably safe to drink. >> why is there a match? >> it could be flammable, but it might be safe to drink. the next one up is jules snell, is this supposed to be a warning? thank god they told me. i've been trying to avoid them everywhere. >> that's me and frank. we've got them up all over the property. >> next up, we have a photo from
10:24 am
christina from new port news, virginia. what do you think the service is like here. >> pms deli, baby! gratitude without an attitude. serve it up with a smile. and we have another photo from liz from wisconsin. would you hire this guy? i think i married him once. >> do-little construction. >> i was looking for do a lot of construction and now. >> that's cute. >> can you imagine? >> i wonder how busy they are. >> sarah, thank you, sweetie. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> don't forget to send your photos to klgandhoda point com. >> we'll play the hot weather who knew edition. >> i have to go across the street. >> ways to handle your summer hair. >> jena is in the house. >> hoda! ast absorbing body lotin for moisture that lasts all day with breakthrough 24 hour hydraiq technology. ♪ absorbs in seconds. ♪
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10:26 am
the dally lamb pla is in washington for a buddhist ritual that organizes are expect will draw upwards of 10,000 followers. coming up news4 midday, people will hear from people attending event and tell you why this is a special day for the spiritual leader. i'm eun yang. the perfect way to get m
10:27 am
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>> it's wines day with more of "today." we'll play the weekly trivia game that we call "who knew." today it's hot. with rising temperatures across the country we would test you if you know everything to survive the summer. kathie lee is heating things up. she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who answer the questions right and to those who don't, they get the lucky cd. meteorologist janice huff is here to help you out with the fun facts. >> it's good to be here with you guys. i love this segment. i love it. >> darling mom and daughter from
10:31 am
san antonio. where was the highest temperature ever recorded in the usa of 134 h degrees fahrenheit. it was tucson, arizona, steele, north dakota, death valley, california or leland, nevada. >> death valley, california. >> you're smart down there. >> in 1913, the temperature hit 134 degrees. it is the desert, after all. 1922. >> all right. back across to kathie. >> nice family from orlando and she says they're very glad that the trial is over. i'm sure. all righty. here we go. on the following vacation spots -- of the following vacation spots which one would have the least chance of rain during your vacation? phoenix arizona, las vegas,
10:32 am
nevada, palm springs, california or el paso, texas. >> i need a little help here. >> he's not helping. >> palm springs, california. >> no, but that's a good guess. lighten up. >> that was a good guess, but not the right answer. >> no. the right answer is. las vegas has an average annual rainfall of 4.1 inches. compared to 25 inches of rain for the entire year. it's a dry place although they've had storms and when they have storms there they're bad. >> back across to kathie. >> mother and daughter from tampa, florida. the fastest a temperature has ever risen is 49 degrees in two minutes. >> true. >> how did you -- that was a guess. >> that was a total guess, but when you're right, you're right. 49 degrees in two minutes? >> spear fish, south dakota. a very quaint location. i just went there on my
10:33 am
cross-country trip a couple of weeks ago, but they're at the base of the black hills in western south dakota. what happened is on the morning of january 22nd, 1943 it was minus 34 degrees and then the chinook came, you what it is? >> no. tell me. >> when it cools down, when it is forced down the mountain on the other side it speeds up really fast and that's when the temperature soared. he got up to 54 degrees at 5:00 and the wind died down and it went back down. >> they don't know what to wear. back across to kath. >> from columbus, ohio, which of the following states does not have a city named gifford? what that has to do with weather, i don't know. pennsylvania, florida, south carolina or maine? >> any ideas? >> maine. >> maine. >> this is the luckiest crowd on the planet. i'm just saying. >> i would not have known that.
10:34 am
>> so it is maine. >> and that's for kathsie lee, i think. >> that was a throwaway. >> i couldn't hear where you're from, honey. >> dallas, texas. >> a baseball will travel faster in hot, humid air versus cold air. >> false? just can't eat cabbage. here you go. >> so the answer, other than gross, is true. it does travel faster in warm air. >> warmer air has more water vapor. the more water vapor, people think it's heaviest, when it's sinking and dense. water vapor is a lot lighter than most of the other elements that are in nitrogen and oxygen, so it disperses all of that when it starts to increase and so it makes the air lighter. interesting. >> janice, thank you for all of your great information.
10:35 am
come visit us any time. >> thanks. >> coming up next, if you've ever asked yourself where did i put my keys, i have good news for you coming up next. a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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10:38 am
>> if sometimes your thoughts and information seem to vanish into tlin air like a lot of people. >> but if you wonder it's the sign offal viem ziemers disease, we'll help gets answers for you. >> she from woman's day and the dr. doctor is the author of "treating alzheimer's and preventing alzheimer's. >> welcome. i forgot why you're here. >> a lot of people get nervous. i feel like i'm misplacing more things. i can remember more things and you do wonder if it's just a brain overload deal or if it's something more serious.
10:39 am
>> the good news why we did the story is under 65, alzheimer's is really, really rare and it's rare under 50 and under 40. as you get older your brain is storing more information and it edits it. as you get older it edits stuff out that it doesn't think is important or is redundant. >> it's the technical reason why we forget thing, doctor. >> we're living in a technologically savvy world. we are texting and the kids are screaming. you have to first hear the memory and then you have to store it and retrieve it. if your attention is not there, you have to focus and pay attention to it. >> okay. >> we have some questions for you two smart people. >> see how you guys like it. forgetting where you parked your car is a sign of memory loss. true or false? >> that is false. >> i agree. it's false. if you're parking the car and you're on the cell phone and getting red for the day. >> shouldn't be doing that to begin with. >> absolutely. that's a lot now.
10:40 am
>> you can remember where you parked your car, so saying it out loud, writing it down, paying attention. >> f-1, you know? >> what if you're wandzerring around, when should you think this might be a bigger deal than i'm on the cell phone. when should you start being concerned about it. >> if it's a progressive memory problem, if there are changes in behavior, that may be a telling sign of earlia early alzheimer' disease. >> or you forriget where you ar totally. >> well, you shouldn't be drinking that much, hoda. >> you must do things like crossword puzzles or sudoku to keep your memory sharp. >> they always say mind games. >> that is false because the thing is that it's one of the things that can help, but there's no magic bullet in the crossword puzzle. the studies show that people that did those games got better at those game, but didn't
10:41 am
necessarily improve your memory. just keeping your brain engaged. if you like to do the crossword puzzle, that's great, but it's also staying social. playing an instrument. >> taking in adult education class and doing this with friends and cooking classes. that's the way to keep it active. >> i like to play what's in johnny's pocket and frank's always out on the first one. >> i don't know where that -- what's in johnny's pocket? >> played with you and you like it and you remember different things that johnny put in his pocket and you have to memorize them all and you're out if you don't remember. >> changing what you eat can improve your memory. true or false. >> absolutely true. >> what should you eat? >> we have so many new studies, decreasing carbohydrates and decreasing saturated fat. trout, herring. >> it's a healthy diet that helps prevent everything, low in
10:42 am
fat, lots of fruits and vegetables. how many times do you have to understand that? >> drinking coffee can worsen your memory, true or false? >> can it help it. >> to show that you can drink several cups -- up to four or five cups. and prevent it. you should have stopped it, too, thanks so much, appreciate it. whether your hair is kinky or curly. >> we say nothing, or flat and fine, we've got summer hair. arson's with us. >> we have solutions. >> arson is his name.u toss m a ? your toilet paper shouldn't be too rough. a ? we're out of toilet paper. can you toss me a roll? your toilet paper shouldn't be too soft. we're out of toilet paper again. fortunately, angel soft is an ideal balance of softness and strength. unlike other toilet paper that has just one ply, angel soft has two. and it's strong, yet gentle on your skin.
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10:47 am
long we crave the heat, but the bad hair days that come with the summertime or high price. we have enlisted one of the great once. arson gorgof, the master stylist at lewis lacary. >> la, la, lar! >> hi, arson. >> what help, really? >> the best thing you can do in the summer is don't fight the texture, embrace it. embrace the texture. >> no, it's not easy to embrace it. >> you'll talk about how to do it. >> let's first look at lauren's before picture and lauren hates this picture, but too bad because mine looks kind of like that. >> okay. what did you have to do to this, arson? because that's some kinky stuff, if you know what i'm saying. >> look at the after. what did you do? >> she had kinky, wavy, frizzy hair. >> and then some. >> we layered a little bit so we
10:48 am
got rid of the tray angle, the pyramid shape and we added some layers. as you can see -- >> it's darling. >> how come it's not frizzy? what did you do to it? >> we did an instant kerr at in. not that you should do it always. >> no, but you should always. >> she had the curl. she was covered by frizz. >> you know the difference between diffusing. >> it's darling. >> you look beautiful. so now we'll look at allegra's before picture and she had trouble with curly wavy hair. okay. that's what i have. >> that's what kath has. what does one do with this hair? >> allegra has fine, long hair. beautiful hair, but you would never know it, it was too long. it made the curls inconsistent so we cut five inches off. as you can see she right away had the bounce and the curl became consistent.
10:49 am
you only need a little bit of product to enhance this kind of wave. >> did she let it dry naturally? >> it's all natural. the length didn't help to make the wave consistent. >> it was pulling out the wave. >> this is natural. >> no. no. that's what i like about arson, he knows what he's doing. >> ideal hair if you can get it. >> rachel has that fine, flat hair. okay. fine, flat and really long and you decided to chop that. >> this is a common, fine, flat hair problem. >> look at the after. >> as you can see, she had a little bit of bangs. we cut ten inches off. the main tip here is to cut some of the front pieces shorter, the minute you do this it will give you automatic body. you don't want to go too long. she can still pull it back. >> it looks so much better. >> are you mad that arson cut off all your hair? >> no? >> he looks at the face and
10:50 am
makes the haircut work with the face, you know how you do? you have to make it look complete. >> uh-huh. >> and thanks for the makeup. >> you don't even know what's happening here. she's about to make up. >> dressing up dinner and dessert with those fresh summer strawberries. >> but first, guess what? >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> time for "today's kitchen" and we're getting sauce putting those straw behres to use. >> adrian duarte is here to take advantage of the berry good season. >> it is strawberry season, and really quick, i'm just going show you -- look at this strawberry. the color, the perfect green. it's nice and dry. you don't want mushy. when you store them, store them dry until you're ready to use them. >> don't ever put them in
10:54 am
liquid. >> no. >> in the fridge. >> before you use them you will lightly rinse them and then pat them dry, cut off the green and then do whatever it is and today we'll start with this beautiful strawberry chicken salad, a little bit of -- i'm using white balsamic vinegar, about a tablespoon. you can use dark balsamic. you can use sherry vinegar, whatever you like. a little bit of olive oil, very sifrmel, quick dressing. one table spooven vinegar, two tablespoons of olive oil. a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper, of course, and then everything, i have some sliced -- >> so that's your dressing. that's your whole thing. >> this is it and we will lightly mix everything in here. >> in the bowl? >> yes, in the bowl. >> the dressing in the top and you put it on the bottom. >> and a little bit of already cooked chicken. this is great if you have left over chicken from the night
10:55 am
before. >> a variation on the waldorf. >> exactly. >> 224 calories per serving. >> that looks really good. >> so if you want to give that a taste. >> i'll give that a try. >> some fyis about strawberries. one cup, about eight medium strawberries as as much vitamin c as one orange. >> really? >> if you eat five or more strawberries a day it helps brighten your vision and clearer vision. >> wow! >> so these are nice little tips. now we'll move on to something a little more elegant and sophisticated if you're having company, a strawberry crepe. in my bowl i have cream cheese. >> oh, gosh, that looks good. >> to this you will add. >> sour cream. >> oh, great. >> you're just using a little bit. come on, these only have 124 calories per serving. >> oh, really? >> and that's for one little do da. >> that's okay. how many do das do you need? >> what i do in my home in
10:56 am
private is none of your business. >> we have brown sugar, lemon zest, vanilla, stirring it up. >> good news is vanilla doesn't have any calories. >> neither does vanilla zest. >> you mean lemon zest? >> what did i say? vanilla zest? okay. strawberries, if you want to throw a couple of strawberries in there. i want to show you how to fold this up. >> hoda! >> that's how i roll. >> and we fold it beautifully and we'll add it to our plate and quickly a quick little sauce. in the food processor, you'll whip up more fresh strawberries, whip them up and a little bit of brun sugar there for extra sweetness. >> you pour it over the crepe? >> it purees like this, more fresh strawberries, we stir this up and pour it right over. >> like i said, 124 calories.
10:57 am
>> it looks fantastic. all of these recipes are on enjoy strawberries. >> thanks. tomorrow, how to get a break. >> they do exist. >> plus a great -- everyone has a story. my friend will be singing for us. have a great day, everybody. bye-bye. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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